Jared Padalecki’s wife Gen shares a photo of the “Walker” star’s 6-pack abdomen


Genevieve Padalecki / Instagram

A Supernatural-Very good 6 packs. Jared Padalecki Show off his hard work at the gym with a selfie shared with his wife Genevieve Padalecki (Nee Cortese) — A person who kindly shared photos with the world.

“I’m thinking of repainting the wall. Which do you see better here, a white tie or a matchstick?” Now & Gen blogger, 41, captioned through snaps. Instagram Friday, January 21st.

The photo shows 39-year-old Jared shirtless, wearing trousers and a black beanie, and bending at t.He looks in the mirror. The Gilmour Girls Alum’s defined abdominal muscles were very noticeable along with his muscular arms.

Jared Padalecki shows off his insane abdominal muscles in a cheeky photo shared by his wife Genevieve Padalecki
Genevieve Padalecki / Instagram

“Well, what kind of wall? I was a little distracted here,” commented one fan. Another added, “You just killed the entire fandom.”

One believer declared, “Gen chose chaos on this sunny night.”

The Walker The co-stars met first Supernatural, Jared played demon hunter Sam Winchester for 15 seasons.Genevieve played Ruby, Sam’s devil is interested in the fourth season Of the CW drama.. Ruby didn’t last very long, but their relationship persisted.they Married in 2010 and share 3 children, Thomas, 9, Austin Shepard (they call it Shepard), 8, Odette, 4.

The two continue to share a small screen. Jared is a star and executive producer Walker, CW restart Walker, Texas Ranger Walker.. A native Californian plays Emily Walker, the late wife of Jared’s character, but he didn’t intend to make it a family problem.

Genevieve Padalecki reveals why she was worried about joining her husband Jared Padalecki Walker

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Padalecki. Vince Flores /startraksphoto.com

At dinner to celebrate them 10 year anniversary In 2020, Jared received a call from Walker Showrunner Anna Flick Ask Gen to play his character’s dead wife in a flashback scene. As the COVID-19 pandemic began, it was safer to cast someone he already shared the space with. After answering and answering the phone, he returned to the table and said he had a question for Genevieve.

“I was sitting there thinking it had something to do with dinner, wedding anniversaries, etc.” and he says, “Anna suggested you play my wife in Walker.” To be honest, he was just as surprised. She was actually asking him to ask how he first felt about it. ” Forest fire Alum said We January 2021. “He was very enthusiastic about it and on board, then suggested a question to me, it felt like there was such a wonderful anniversary in a strange way. Coincidentally, it feels like a glove. We got together in the perfect way. It was very cool. “

Walker CW will air on Thursday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Jared Padalecki’s wife Gen shares a photo of the “Walker” star’s 6-pack abdomen

Source link Jared Padalecki’s wife Gen shares a photo of the “Walker” star’s 6-pack abdomen

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