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    Japan extends strict border measures as coronavirus cases soar

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    The government said on Tuesday that Japan will extend measures to ban almost all foreigners from entering the country and reopen the mass vaccination center until the end of February to combat the surge in coronavirus fueled by Omicron. Stated.

    Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters, “We will take necessary measures from a humanitarian perspective and maintain the current border control policy until the end of February, taking into account national interests.”

    Local media said there would be some new exemptions for Japanese family members and students studying in Japan, but there were no immediate details from the authorities.

    The government In addition, the large-scale vaccination center operated by the Self-Defense Forces was reopened. Local government Fumio Kishida has announced that he will reopen his own mass vaccination site to accelerate booster shots.

    Japan imposes strict border control measures such as quarantine and frequent inspections on immigrants from abroad.

    However, despite these efforts, Omicron variants are prevalent locally and the number of viral cases is increasing rapidly in Japan.

    “Omicron strains are said to have a low proportion of serious cases, but a surge in infections will increase the number of serious cases and put pressure on the medical system,” Kishida continues to warn the public. I called. ..

    The government has already approved new virus regulations for three regions, and the U.S. military in Japan has banned non-essential off-base travel for two weeks after the outbreak of incident groups in the military and surrounding areas. There is.

    Overall, the infection rate in Japan is relatively low, with 8,249 cases reported nationwide on Sunday.

    But that number continues to grow, with Sunday numbers being one of the highest since September.

    The country recorded just over 18,400 deaths in a pandemic.

    Japanese leaders promise new measures against booster Omicron

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