Janelle Brown Tells Husband Kody to “F–k Off” in Stunning New Sister Wives Footage



Things are about to explode at Sister Wai.

And this source of intense tension may surprise you.

Despite the many mysterious messages she wrote about her husband Kodi, it’s not Meri Brown. And so is Christine Brown, who left Kodi altogether last month.

Instead, Janel Brown will be the one who gives it to her spiritual spouse.

In a preview of a brand new episode of Sister Wai this Sunday, Janelle will enter it with Kodi via the latter’s very rigorous COVID-19 protocol.

As explained in detail in the previous article, Kodi came up with a list In the fall of 2020, I outlined everything his sister’s wife had to do if she wanted to meet him in this ongoing pandemic.

for example?

Thinking Kody Brown

No one can enter the restaurant. All purchased products must be disinfected before being placed inside.Women must change clothes after visiting any facility..

“I’m surprised to see these rules,” Janel says in a mockery in the official TLC of Kodi’s pandemic rule summary.

“Now, Kodi’s commandments are 10 billion.”

Gabriel and Garrison, the eldest sons of Janel and Cody, are also clearly dissatisfied with the lack of a father.

Upset Gabriel

But because he’s a selfish jerk, Kodi doesn’t mind not seeing the kids for months.

Instead, he expresses frustration on the camera with Janel saying, “I want to take a boy more than I do.”

After Janelle tells Kodi, she will go to Utah for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) 2020This episode was filmed age Before), Kodi hints that she hasn’t taken his “10 billion commandments” -or the CDC guidelines-in a serious way.

This usually encourages a legitimate angry reaction from Janel, who is probably the most laid-back of all sister wives.

Coyote Pass Janel Brown

“Do you think I’m not aware? Don’t you think I’m careful?” She asks Kodi.

“I think you understand what I’m talking about. I want you to respect it,” Kodi replies.

And that was all Janel had to hear. To close this trailer, she blows a storm from her husband … but not before telling Kodi:

Yeah, f–k off..

Next to Janel

Elsewhere on Sunday installments, Gabriel strongly backs up her mother.

Through a sneak peak posted by Hollywood Life, Gabe is discussing vacation plans with his mother and wants his relatives to go somewhere with Christine rather than sticking around Flagstaff and Kodi. It is clear that.

“If she’s traveling and it’s cool, why don’t you have Thanksgiving with Christine?

“Dad can be his bullish, and we do us,” Gabe tells his mother.

Gabe Brown

He then goes into a little more detail, emphasizing how Cody’s COVID rules and guidelines affected his own children.

“I’m sick of it. It’s literally ruining our family,” Gabe admits to Janel.

Janelle is exhausted with everythingg at this point.

“My kids, my boys, and Kodi are in these very opposite camps and there is no give and take,” she tells the camera.

“It’s just talking, talking, talking, trying to persuade, and persuading your point of view. That’s it. I’ve been trying for nine months to find some kind of midpoint, but give on either side. There is none.”

Janelle Brown Tells Husband Kody to “F–k Off” in Stunning New Sister Wives Footage Source link Janelle Brown Tells Husband Kody to “F–k Off” in Stunning New Sister Wives Footage

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