Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler Flaunt New Relationship, Spite Their Exes


It’s been almost 5 months since then Jana Kramer applies for divorce from Mike Caussin..

Since then, she has gone on with retired NFL star Jay Cutler.

Their fling may have started with Jay wants revenge on Kristin Cavallari, But it’s clearly blooming into something more.

Recently, Jana and Jay have appeared in multiple public places as their bond has deepened.

Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler were discovered together last week.

The Twelve Thirty Club also appeared at the opening of the rooftop bar.

It’s in Nashville and they looked very happy with a smile.

Not only that.

Later last week, Yana and Jay traveled to Greenville, South Carolina.

There, they attended the Nate Bargaze comedy show on Thursday night.

It is one thing to be found together in the opening.

Then traveling together and attending a show in another state … well, it’s a bit intimate.

And, of course, this is after they were previously discovered dating. It all looks pretty clear.

In a previous report Man, Internal sources explained how the two were attracted to each other.

“Jay and Yana had a lot of ties,” said the insider.

Sources explained that they found something in common: “how the divorce took place.”

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari announced their division last year.

They were together for 10 years before parting.

In particular, Christine, who is currently dating country singer Chase Rise, appeared to be blocking Jana on social media after she dated her ex.

Earlier reports clashed, with some claiming that Christine was in favor of Jana after Jana filed for divorce.

It was even alleged that Christine recommended Yana a divorce lawyer.

According to other reports, the two didn’t know each other so well that Yana, who was dating Jay, would be “betrayal.”

Jay is reported to have intended to make Christine jealous by dating Yana, at least initially.

He saw her dating Chase and apparently wasn’t happy with it-and wanted to get her back.

Alternatives According to contradictory reports, both Christine and Jay have gone ahead.

Frankly, there seems to be competing stories, perhaps from “camps” of different people.

We are confident of that Man Similarly reputable retailers are verifying the authenticity of the source.

But Jana’s friends and Kristin’s friends are probably getting very different versions of what’s down.

Of course, Yana is still emotionally recovering from her marriage to Mike Caussin.

The two shared the year together and are now co-parenting two beautiful children.

However, there was a lot of pain and humiliation in the process of their marriage. This divorce has been a long time.

Frankly, Mike tricked Yana.

This is not a secret. Because they talked about it maliciously.

Until this year, only one has prevented divorce, which is tied to their brand as a couple.

Mike claimed to be suffering from the well-known phrase “sexual addiction,” even though it was not recognized by the wider psychiatric community.

(Frankly, many say that even outside of psychiatry, things like sex and food shouldn’t be considered. Addiction Totally, but probably treatable Obsessive at the worst case)

It was a condition of this suspicion that Mike “made” Yana in various ways, big and small … until she was finally enough.

Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler Flaunt New Relationship, Spite Their Exes Source link Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler Flaunt New Relationship, Spite Their Exes


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