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    Jana Duggar: Snubbed By Family on Her 32nd Birthday!

    Jana Dagger and her twin brother John David turned 32 on January 12.

    This is important for several reasons.

    For one thing, fans have been obsessed with Yana’s age for years, and her record as the oldest unmarried, childless dagger is impressive every birthday.

    On top of that, birthdays often give you the opportunity to look back, find out where someone is in your life, and think about how far you’ve been from last year …

    … and we can safely say that Jana hasn’t shattered it exactly lately!

    Unlike her parents, siblings, and Instagram commentators, we don’t care if Jana gets married or has children.

    So when we talk about Yana’s descent trajectory and the general failure of life, it has more to do with her family’s worst members and her recent ongoing loyalty to her. Arrested on suspicion of child danger..

    Jana Dagger spills tea

    Throughout the past year’s scandal, Jana has endangered her reputation by sticking close to her problematic parents. Not to mention her sense of sanity and basic dignity.

    And now those same people don’t seem to give back.

    Fans quickly realized that no dagger used social media to celebrate the birthdays of Jana and John David.

    Flowers and Jana Dagger

    Perhaps that’s because they didn’t want the law to solve difficult questions about her brushstrokes.

    Or maybe a member Reliable The clan is not as close as it used to be.

    In any case, Yana’s critics, many of whom are probably ex-fans, have fallen out of grace and are doing outdoor activities.

    Jana Dagger, Count On (TLC)

    “She turns 32 in a few days and shares her bedroom with four preteens and teenagers who once changed diapers,” a Reddit user wrote this week. according to Sun..

    “I can’t imagine. It’s a little impressive that she’s still working,” another said.

    There seems to have been a slight relaxation of the infamous rigor Dagger courtship rules In recent years, sources have Sun Certain aspects have not changed.

    Rely on Yana

    Therefore, even though she is in adulthood, she is not allowed to leave her parents’ house until she finds a man and gets married.

    “Yana is very independent and has more alpha than her sisters, but she won’t get her place until she meets someone who has been approved by her family,” says the insider.

    “Dagger is so religious that she doesn’t agree to move and live alone or with friends and boyfriends. Frowning and ridiculous, but that’s always the case.” The line continues. clear.

    Jana Dagger is single

    Insiders add that Yana wants to follow in the footsteps of her sisters by moving from her parents’ home, but she knows her people are inflexible in that regard.

    “She wants to fly, but it’s difficult because she has to find the right guy, which is the goal of every girl. She hates being the last single sister,” he said. The source says.

    “Yana likes to do things herself and enjoys DIY. She’s never the type that needs to be taken care of, but she’s really ready to move and live her life. “


    Yes, there is a sad irony in her independent sources, as she can never fully explore unless she gets married.

    This is a reminder that the Daggers were most affected long before Josh was arrested on suspicion of child pornography.

    And we are confident that they will continue to be in a terrible state for years to come.

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