Jamie Spears Dares to Ask Britney Spears: Are You a Danger to Your Sons?


It’s hard to think of many non-political names that are currently widely cursed, like Jamie Spears.

She’s only been freed from his absolute financial control for a couple of months, but it’s not really over.

Britney can’t get back nearly 14 years, but Jamie can be held accountable Spy her and probably steal from her..

Now Jamie is trying to drag her into a room full of lawyers … allegedly after avoiding the request of Britney’s team.

Page 6 Jamie Spears reports that he has the absolute courage to ask Britney to sit down for testimony.

Not surprisingly, Britney’s dedicated legal team (the one she hired herself) isn’t hesitant.

Why? Jamie is dodging Britney’s attempts to get rid of him.

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine 6 Pack

“Jamie is already stopped [as Britney’s conservator] It’s a shame, “said insider sources.

“The best thing he can do is move on,” the source asserted.

“But instead he continues to humiliate and try to harass and bully his daughter,” the insider continued.

Britney Spears Instagram Snapshot

“He should be ashamed,” sources said.

The source inside it is not wrong.

But if Jamie had true embarrassment rooted in good and evil, no one would have done this, let alone her daughter.

Britney Spears dances in Rose Project video

Alex Weingarten is Jamie’s lawyer, but for some reason he is willing to deal with everything except the universally despised sleepeball.

Weingarten sent an email to Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart on Wednesday, January 26th.

Jamie’s team wanted to schedule a date for Britney to be testified.

Britney Spears seduces

Email from Weingarten leaked to TMZThe person who informed the world of what Jamie is doing.

“We are writing to advise that you intend to dismiss your client,” Weingarten said.

“And,” Weingarten went on to say that Jamie’s team “wants to discuss a mutually agreeable date to make the deposit.”

Pig and Britney

Well, reportedly, people in hell want ice water.

Jamie’s lawyers seemed to admit that Jamie’s team had evaded two separate deposit requests from Rosan Galt in the past few months.

“Of course, we will also discuss the schedule for Mr. Spears’ deposit,” Weingarten offered.

Britney Spears is ready for 2022

“And work with you to find a mutually agreeable date for it to proceed,” Weingarten seemed to promise.

Weingarten even suggested in early March that he would (finally) suggest to go first to his client.

Britney is then expected to continue later in the same week.

2021 Sean Preston Fedder Line, Eddie Morales, Jayden James Fedder Line

According to multiple inside sources TMZWeingarten has very specific questions in mind.

He reportedly told Britney “Children’s Safety. [possible] Drug use. “

Sean Preston is 16 years old, Jayden James is 15 years old, a tall and healthy teenager, and his two parents love them.

Hiking at Britney Spears, Sean Preston Fedderline, Jayden James Fedderline Canyon

Guaranteed new inside sources close to Britney’s camp Page 6 “Britney does not use simple and straightforward drugs.”

The insider declared, “This is another tactic to make her look like a bad guy here.”

“Maybe it worked in 2008,” lamented sources, arguing “but it won’t work now.”

Britney in Hawaii

I’m almost amazed at the arrogance and lack of self-awareness that Jamie has shown.

Jamie has a restraint order against him by Britney against both his grandchildren after the alleged attack on Sean Preston.

It is strange to hear that a man who allegedly attacked his grandson, using the legality envisioned to imprison his daughter, thinks he is in a position to comment.

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