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    Ivermectin, whether formulated for humans or horses, is not a treatment for COVID-19

    Ivermectin is used to treat parasitic infections, but no prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19 has been shown. Credit: Shutterstock

    Hydroxychloroquine.. Remdesivir.. Ivermectin. Some drugs have been touted as COVID-19 miracle drugs throughout the pandemic, but in many cases there is no solid medical evidence to support their use. The debate about these controversial treatments, like the trendy diet, Ivermectin I recently took the stage.

    As a doctor and COVID-19 genetics researcher, I am worried. Whether it’s one of these drugs or a dietary supplement, the substances we consume are risk-free. Self-medication in an uncontrolled environment without consultation with a medical professional puts people at risk, especially if evidence suggests that these drugs do not help prevent or treat COVID-19. increase.

    Use ivermectin Treat several types of parasitic infections..It works by Interfere with and paralyze the parasite’s nervous system And finally kill it.


    Ivermectin has been attracting attention recently Test tube studies have shown that the virus can be prevented from continuing to grow..This is the motivation Clinical trial To determine if these results also apply to humans.

    While these results are promising, in vitro experiments are very different from clinical trials. You can test drug doses that are unsafe or unattainable in humans Determine if an effect exists.That’s why we often hear about experiments. Insist on new cancer treatments There is not much progress in the treatment of our friends and family.

    What are the data on ivermectin for treating COVID-19 in people?There are some Promising findings in critically ill patients, But more High quality data People with COVID, especially mild or asymptomatic, should be collected.that is Currently in progress..


    The quality aspect of the study is very important, as ivermectin is not without risk. Ivermectin is generally well tolerated and safe at the dosage recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), About 3% of people may experience itching of the skin, general itching and dizziness.. In rare cases, these doses can cause seizures or a life-threatening immune response. When taking the anticoagulant warfarin (Kumadin), ivermectin may interact with the drug and increase the risk of bleeding.

    It is important to consult a licensed healthcare provider about the drug and its potential harm, as the increased risk of bleeding can, in extreme cases, lead to potentially life-threatening brain bleeding. ..yours Primary care doctor Or the nurse practitioner has the necessary training to determine if the drug is appropriate and, if so, whether you should reduce your dose to keep you safe.

    Such a safety profile gives physicians reasonable confidence that if ivermectin ultimately proves useful in the treatment of COVID-19, its benefits outweigh the potential harm, if appropriate. It means that you can prescribe it. It is usually not prescribed except for COVID-19. Clinical trial There is still no evidence that it is helping people.

    Good faith, but unsafe choice

    recently, Non-healthcare professionals are improperly handing this data into their hands. Self-prescribing and self-medication Veterinary ivermectinGuided by Social media personalities and politicians.. These well-meaning victims dosage And more and more Appear in the emergency department..

    This behavior is dangerous because all drugs (and dietary supplements) have an increased risk of side effects at higher doses. The risk of seizures and life-threatening immune responses is low at FDA-approved doses. Ivermectin.. If you increase the dose significantly, your chances are much higher. This happens when you take an amount that is intended for mammals that are larger than you. Not safe —Emotions echoed by the FDA..

    Suspicious profit

    COVID-19 is horrifying and many people find it powerless against deadly infections. Vaccination is almost always the best treatment for COVID-19 because it completely prevents you from getting sick. For those who are still ill, most have only mild infections and never die.

    Many people have doubts based on this safe and effective treatment False exaggerated claims With vaccination activists Some politicians.. It is not surprising, but fully understandable, that our neighbors try to put their safety and life in their hands when they feel it is the best option.

    I encourage all of us to take a step back and think about how the pandemic changed us. Look back on the fears, vulnerabilities and frustrations we have had over the last 18 months. Give your healthcare provider a chance today and trust us. Wear a mask and get vaccinated if you haven’t already been vaccinated. Give us, your neighbors, the benefit of doubt. We want to help you. Could you please help me?

    Stop using ivermectin for COVID-19: AMA, pharmacist group

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    Ivermectin, whether formulated for humans or horses, is not a treatment for COVID-19 Source link Ivermectin, whether formulated for humans or horses, is not a treatment for COVID-19

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