‘It’s been complete chaos’: Passengers react to Southwest cancellations at BNA – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee


Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-10-10 23:35:04 –

Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — Over 1,000 Southwest Airlines flights nationwide have been canceled and many more have been cancelled. Headache at Nashville International Airport On the weekend.

BNA was already expecting a weekend trip, following traffic from. Saturday Rolling Stones Concert, Paired with Fall Break.

On Sunday, at least 22 flights to and from the airport were affected by Southwest Airlines cancellations. Neither Southwest Airlines nor BNA had a total number of flights affected by BNA.

“It was a complete mess,” said John Cavalon, who was about to return home to Chicago.

Southwest Airlines told News 2 in a statement that it began canceling flights on Friday due to air traffic control issues in the same area as Florida’s weather conditions. News 2 asked if the cancellation was related to a staff strike or employee vacation requirements. They told News 2 that it wasn’t the cause.

“No, this was not the result of an employee demonstration. The bad weather in Florida on Friday night and ATC issues caused serious flight disruptions throughout the network, resulting in a large number of evacuated crew and aircraft. So it took some time to recover over the weekend, “Southwest Airlines told News 2 in a statement.

According to Cavalon, Sunday’s 3:00 pm flight was rebooked at 9:00 pm. Others told News 2 that they couldn’t rebook on the same day and had to go home for work on Monday. Cavalon said he had heard a similar story from his passengers.

“If you work, it doesn’t cut it. Kids [have to] Back in school, it doesn’t cut it, “Cavalon said. “There is a reason we chose to go back on Sunday.”

Curly Wilson and Hope Lyon are Houston teachers visiting Nashville for an autumn break. They told News 2 that they couldn’t wait after the Saturday night flight was canceled and rebooked on Wednesday. Thankfully, they found a rental car and were able to live with a friend on Saturday night.

“I was lucky to get the reservation, but if I didn’t receive the car or didn’t know who lives in Nashville, I was told I could do it, so I don’t know what to do. Don’t stay overnight at the airport, “Wilson said.

Lyon said he tried to find a return flight on another airline, but the tickets were two expensive. They also reported that Southwest Airlines did not have a hotel voucher to stay overnight. Southwest Airlines did not talk about hotel vouchers when News 2 asked for a statement.

“Now we’re spending extra money on rental cars. We’re spending gas and time out,” Lyon said. “I think they have the opportunity to grow customer care in that regard, especially when it comes to reimbursing the additional travel costs that are the effect of this.”

After visiting his son in Murfreesboro, Sherry Dominguez arrived at the airport at 5 am and was waiting for a rebooked flight after 5 pm on Sunday.

“I arrived here at 5am this morning. I spent three hours in line just to get to the ticket counter. I spent another hour rebooking my flight,” said Dominges.

Dominguez’s rebooked flight was set to land in California after midnight. She said her connecting flight in Denver was delayed and wanted to get home in time to get to work.

“I mean I have to go home for work. I have a dog at home, a boyfriend at home, a cat at home, and I have a job to do at 6am.” Dominguez said.

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“There was a weather problem at the Florida airport at the beginning of the weekend. An unexpected air traffic control problem in the same area exacerbated the problem, causing delays from Friday night and significant cancellations. Throughout the weekend, we have continued to work diligently to reset operations with a focus on repositioning aircraft and crew to take care of our customers.

The current schedule is less frequent between cities, making recovery more difficult and protracted in the event of operational challenges.

We strive to respond to our customers as soon as possible, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.Gives customers the flexibility to consider self-service rebooking options Southwest.com, Get the latest information on travel conditions. We apologize for the frustrating flight cancellations that our customers and employees are experiencing. Thank you patiently for your safety first and then for your confused plans to be resolved as quickly as possible. “

Southwest Airlines Statement

‘It’s been complete chaos’: Passengers react to Southwest cancellations at BNA Source link ‘It’s been complete chaos’: Passengers react to Southwest cancellations at BNA

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