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    It takes more than one mutant copy of the PIK3CA gene to make breast cancer more aggressive

    Intuitive relationship between PIK3CA genotype and transcriptomics stem cell nature and PI3K signaling scores in human breast cancer. Credits: Ralitsa Madsen, CC-BY 4.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

    Breast cancers with overactive PI3K enzymes involved in cell growth and division are more aggressive and tend to spread and divide like stem cells.However, a new study by Ralitsa Madsen and colleagues at University College London, published in the journal on November 11th. PLOS genetics We reveal a surprising relationship between PI3K activity and mutations in the PIK3CA gene that encodes the enzyme. Breast cancer tumors with a single mutant copy of the PIK3CA gene tend to have low PI3K activity. By comparison, patients with more than one copy often have higher PI3Kα activity, resulting in more aggressive tumors and poorer prognosis in certain types of breast cancer patients.

    Lab experiments previously showed two mutants instead of one PIK3CA Genes can promote a permanent stem cell state — a quality called “stem cells”. But until now, there has been no evidence from human patients to support this idea. In a new study, researchers will investigate the relationship between PI3K mutations, PI3K activity, and stem cellity in breast cancer.They used data published from about 3,000 breast cancer The tumor and applied computational techniques are used to estimate PI3K activity and stem cell nature.They found it Invasive tumor It had more PI3K activity and a higher degree of stem cell activity. However, they were surprised to find cancer cells with only one mutant copy. PIK3CA It has a low level of aggression and may be less aggressive.

    New studies support the idea that overactive PI3K enzymes are associated with more aggressive breast cancer. In addition, researchers warn that the number of copies of the mutant PIK3CA mutation in the tumor can affect the response to cancer treatment. They conclude that this information, along with data on PI3K activity, should be considered when selecting patients to participate in new drug clinical trials.

    Madsen adds: PIK3CA Mutant doses reveal an intuitional relationship between PI3K pathway activity and functional indicators of tumor dedifferentiation. ”

    Findings Suggest New Breast Cancer Treatments

    For more information:
    Madsen RR, Erickson EC, Rueda OM, Robin X, Caldas C, Toker A and more. (2021) Positive correlation between transcriptomic stem cell nature and PI3K / AKT / mTOR signaling scores in breast cancer, and an counterintuitive relationship with PIK3CA genotype. PLoS Genet 17 (11): e1009876. doi.org/10.1371/journal.pgen.1009876

    Quote: Multiple mutated copies of the PIK3CA gene are required to make breast cancer more aggressive (November 11, 2021). November 11, 2021 Obtained from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-11-mutant-pik3ca-gene-breast-cancer.html

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    It takes more than one mutant copy of the PIK3CA gene to make breast cancer more aggressive Source link It takes more than one mutant copy of the PIK3CA gene to make breast cancer more aggressive

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