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    Is NOW A Good Time To Get Into Oil?

    With soaring gasoline and oil prices, many are wondering if it’s the best time to return to a market that has recently been considered “passed.”

    As you know, there are some things I miss about it as much as I hate blockades and get stuck at home … of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go back!

    Feeling guilty of being lazy, I discovered a new Netflix show, didn’t have to talk too much with people, and the food was delivered on a whim (I said it could be introverted). Was it?) … These are just a few of the things I made a list.

    But what I miss most is that one of the pandemic “privileges” at the top of my list was that I was able to save gas without going anywhere.

    Now I like to drive as much as the next person … but I like to keep my money more. Saving time and money by reducing commuting to different locations (including money & market offices) is a crazy savings for me.

    But thankfully, the blockade was eventually eased. And after a while, I started to miss people as much as I like to be lonely.

    When the blockage was lifted, more and more people were back in operation, putting a bit of strain on the gas supply.But considering everything, it wasn’t that Bad, things started to return like “normal”.

    However, the events of early 2021 have further expanded the already tense fuel supply. Freshman President Joe Biden has made two declarations that have adversely affected oil prices at the time of his inauguration.

    First, he abolished the Keystone XL pipeline from the United States to Canada, and then terminated the hydraulic fracturing lease on federal land.

    The various benefits of these moves can be discussed in either way, but what cannot be discussed is the fact that oil futures prices soared as soon as President Biden made these announcements … And they stayed Ever since.

    Oil up! Are you ready to make a profit?

    That means we all pay more with the pump, Genuine The question is whether to consider investing in oil.

    Even if politicians are pushing for green and renewable energy (another major profit opportunity), at least for the foreseeable future, wise investors should wonder if they should return to fossil fuels.

    The answer becomes clearer day by day, and the more inflationary the economy, the greater the profits of oil companies.

    ExxonMobil (XOM), Chevron (CVX), and BP (BP) are all having a great year …

    And while some trade circles these days may pass markets, the fact of the matter is yet Much money is still being made from this classic wealth-producing product.

    So is it a good time to return to oil?

    I believe so … but I’m not the only one.

    Here Adam O’Dell and Charles Sizemore, Resident Experts under Money & Markets, agree with me. What do you think you recently saw in the Green Zone Fortunes “Hot Stocks” list?

    If you guess “oil and gas company” … please give a high five.

    The GZF boys seem to be paying attention to the profits of oil as they just put Matador Resources (MTDR) on the hot stock list.

    Why Matador?

    Like other oil and gas companies, Matador has been a very good year, rising from a low of $ 15.01 in late January to a high of $ 43.88 last week.

    Look at their progress chart.

    This is a surge of almost 300% (292% to be exact), and the momentum does not seem to slow down immediately. So it makes sense for Adam and Charles to put Matador on this list.

    What I like about this pick is that you can “make money” more than you can invest in any of the “Big Boys” out there.

    Being a small company, Matador’s inventory is much lower, Slightly You can shoot this thing of movement many..

    You may want to look at it for yourself and see if it suits you and your portfolio.

    That said … I can’t tell you about this stock.

    If that’s what you’re looking for, you may want to be a member of the Green Zone Fortune. That way, Adam and Charles can give you more detailed instructions on when, and most importantly, you should buy Matador.

    But if you can’t wait, you can do your own research …

    It’s all up to you!

    Anyway, it’s interesting to see what was once thought to be “old” is now “new” again.

    Oil continues to produce property — and it doesn’t stop for a while.

    “In 1859, humanity discovered a huge treasure chest in the basement. It was oil and gas, a wonderfully cheap and easily available source of energy. Anyone who found a treasure in the basement did it, Or at least some have done it. I’ve brought it to life and enjoyed this treasure very much. ” – Kenneth E. Boulding

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