Iran says it has launched three “research” satellites into space


Iran, Tehran-Iran announced Thursday that it had launched a satellite rocket with three “research” devices into space, but it is unclear if objects have entered orbit around the Earth.

State television coverage and other coverage by Iran’s semi-official news agency did not say when the launch took place.But the launch Difficult negotiations in Vienna over Iran’s tattered nuclear deal..

The previous launch has attracted criticism from the United States. The US State Department, Space Force, and Pentagon did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Defense Ministry spokesman Ahmad Hosseini has identified this rocket as a Simurgh or “Phoenix” rocket. He said the three devices were sent 290 miles up.

Iran launches satellite rocket
The photo taken on December 30, 2021 shows that Tehran was said to be Iran’s satellite-carrying rocket “Simurgh” launched into space.

Distribution via WANA News Agency / Ministry of Defense of Iran / Reuters

Mr. Hosseini reportedly said, “The performance of the space center and the performance of the satellite carrier were done properly.” He described the launch as “early”, suggesting that much more was underway.

“The intended research objectives of this launch have been achieved. This was done as a preliminary launch …. God is pleased and will soon be operational,” Reuters said in a comment on state television. Said said.

According to Reuters, Iran’s state television aired footage of the launch of a rocket.

Iran’s television television footage of a white rocket is adorned with the words “Simurgh satellite carrier” and the slogan “We can” shoot from Iran’s Imam Khomeini Spaceport into the morning sky. A state television reporter in a nearby desert area praised the launch as “another achievement by Iranian scientists.”

However, authorities were silent about whether the launched object actually reached orbit. Iran’s civilian space program has been hit by a series of setbacks in recent years, including a deadly fire and the explosion of a launch pad rocket that caught the attention of former President Donald Trump.

Iran’s national media recently provided a list of satellite launches scheduled for the Islamic Republic’s civilian space program. Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard Corps is running its own parallel program that successfully put the satellite into orbit last year.

The explosion raised concerns in Washington whether the technology used to launch the satellite could advance Iran’s ballistic missile development. The United States states that such satellite launches violate a UN Security Council resolution calling on Iran to avoid activities related to ballistic missiles capable of launching nuclear weapons.

Iran, which has long said it does not seek nuclear weapons, has maintained its satellite launch and has no military component in rocket testing.

The announcement of the launch at the meeting of nuclear negotiators in Vienna is in line with Tehran’s hard-line stance under the recently elected conservative priest, President Ebrahim Raisi.

As Tehran pushes for atomic progress, new Iranian demands in nuclear negotiations have infuriated Western nations and heightened regional tensions. Diplomats repeatedly raised warnings that there was not enough time to restore the agreement. The agreement collapsed three years ago when the United States unilaterally withdrew under then-President Trump.

Iran has now abandoned all agreement restrictions and increased uranium enrichment from less than 4% purity to 60%. This is a short technical step from the weapons grade level. International inspectors face challenges in monitoring Tehran’s progress.

Satellite images seen by the Associated Press suggested an imminent launch earlier this month. The image shows preparations at a spaceport on the desert plains of the rural Semnan province of Iran, about 150 miles southeast of Tehran.

Over the last decade, Iran has sent several short-lived satellites into orbit and launched monkeys into space in 2013. But under Raishi, the government seems to have sharpened its focus on space. Iran’s Supreme Council of Space has met for the first time in 11 years.

Iran says it has launched three “research” satellites into space

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