Iran is trying to turn Kasem Solei Mani into a national hero


On a “pilgrimage” bus to the tomb of Iran’s famous commander, Qasem Soleimani, Hoda hears people discussing what to pray when they arrive at the “sanctuary.” did.

Their words say that more than two years after Iran’s most powerful military commander was killed in an American drone strike in Baghdad, Solei Mani gained legendary, almost saintly status in Iran, 33 years old. Revealed to the photographer.

“No one suggests that Soleimani is right, but it felt like he was in a shrine. It was calm and spiritual, and I could see people of all types, from modern to religious.” Said Hoda, who visited the site of Careman, a city in the southeast this month.

“I cried there. After his death, I realized how honest and powerful he was and how he sacrificed his life to protect us.”

Decades after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Tehran is struggling to overcome the revolutionary causes of the younger generation, who are critical of domestic corruption and poverty. Iranian leaders want to revitalize the regime supporters through the glory of Solei Mani, a man with a modest background to be lifted by the revolution and become an important military man.

Solei Mani-especially the commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps of overseas operations training militias in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan-has nothing to do with any corruption scandal. He also has a history of helping women by calling them “my daughter.” Some women, like Hoda, wear purple hoodies on their tombs and do not comply with strict Islamic dress code.

In early January, the Islamic Republic organized a “Week of Resistance” to commemorate his “martyrdom.” It raised the giant flag of Solei Mani and said it provided free accommodation and food to up to 250,000 “pilgrims” in his tomb. The cinema screened the Solei Mani documentary for free. To commemorate the assassination on January 3, thousands of supporters gathered in the capital, Tehran, to join hardline President Ebrahim Raisi, who vowed revenge on US politicians.

“Soleimani’s Anniversary is used as fresh blood to help maintain a revolutionary mood and attract new young supporters,” said a reformist political analyst.

“Islamic republic cannot push its ideals and celebrate its founders in commemoration of Bastille Day. [in February] Another 10 days. However, Soleimani is the latest story, the only senior who was killed directly by the United States, enhancing his excellence. “

A revolutionary show of enthusiasm at home is consistent with muscle flexion in the area. In the first week of January, which coincides with Solei Mani’s anniversary, Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria were alleged to have launched a series of attacks on military bases containing US troops. The Americans were not killed. Iran also announced their role in Soleimani’s death, as well as sanctions on 51 US citizens for “terrorism” and human rights abuses.

When Iranian diplomats and world powers meet in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, the desire to make Soleimani a national hero arises. So far, little progress has been made. Iran has been nuclear since former President Donald Trump abandoned the deal and imposed sanctions in 2018 only if the United States lifted all sanctions and ensured that future governments would not withdraw from the agreement. It says it will roll back its progress.

US sanctions have become stricter, with regular street demonstrations by farmers, teachers, workers, as well as veterans, civil servants, and even retired people in protest of poor economic conditions.

Anniversary markings were not without controversy.

Five days after the killing of Solei Mani, Iran retaliated against a military base in Iraq. A few hours later, shortly after taking off from Tehran Airport, a Ukrainian airliner was shot down by the Revolutionary Guard Corps of Soleimani. All 176 people on board died. Security guards blamed human error.

The victims’ families staged public protests and urged senior military and security officials to bring them to justice. They claim that the plane was deliberately shot down in order to discourage the United States from attacking Iran.

“I’m not a judge, but I conclude that I shot down the plane for use as a human shield …. says former high-ranking official Mosen Asadi Lari, who killed two children in a plane crash. rice field.

He and his wife — Zahra Majd, a professor at the University of Medicine — said Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the commander-in-chief of the guards, suggested a lot to them. “They said that if this plane hadn’t collapsed, the next day there would have been a fierce war. The United States would have attacked. [Iran] And perhaps 10 million lives could be at risk, “she said. Guards said scholars’ claims about General Salami were “not true” and “distorted.”

Solei Mani’s daughter, Zeinab, took a picture of her father’s murder in Baghdad on the anniversary of the assassination. The fact that she had the latest iPhone 13 was considered a symbol of Western consumerism, which has offended many Iranians as phone imports are restricted in Iran.

For Hoda, Iran would have been a good place to live today if Soleimani had not been killed. “He didn’t deserve to die of natural causes, but it was premature to be martyred,” she said. “We needed him. I feel lonely. Many misery is happening to us because of his absence.”

Iran is trying to turn Kasem Solei Mani into a national hero

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