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iPhone 13 comes in 5 color options. So which should you buy?

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NS iPhone 13 Is coming and there are a lot of small decisions to make before clicking the buy button.You probably know the carrier you want to call, and you probably Required MagSafe accessories Go with your new phone. In fact, you should already know how much storage you need, based on the capacity of your existing phone.

But what about the colors? There are five different options this year, whichever you choose, you can use them together for the next two years. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, let’s take a brief look at each one.


Look at this:

Apple announces iPhone 13



You have almost certainly owned a black or dark gray phone before. It’s a classic color for that reason, it looks great on almost any accessory, and if you use it without a case, it’s less likely to see scratches on the black glass. The same is not true for the metal bands around the outside of the phone. It had a silver color underneath if it was scratched deep enough in the past.

Simply put, this is if you don’t care what color your phone is, or if your phone is going to live in a case all the time you own it anyway The color you get.


White has been the default alternative to the iPhone from almost the beginning, and for good reason. It looks great and unlike other color options, the metal band around the glass and the outer edge of the body is less likely to be scratched.

The Starlight version of the iPhone is also suitable for decals and texture patterns. The light-colored surface and bright white base look great, but they provide a bit of extra protection in case you decide you don’t need a case.


In the past, Apple released the Product Red version of the iPhone separately from the primary colors, but this year it’s one of the top options. This sharp color stands out in every respect, no matter what lighting you use, and is unlikely to be accidentally lost on a sofa cushion. All Apple products for which the Product Red label is sold mean a donation to an HIV / AIDS treatment program (although Apple has never announced the amount).


Apple fans have been asking for the pink option for a very long time. It’s a suitable pink, not metallic rose gold. And here it is. You can now own a pink iPhone. It’s also a subtle color, not as big as the Product Red and Blue options. Therefore, if you want your phone to have a little personality so that it doesn’t get much attention in public, this is the phone for you. Also, because the color is light, scratches on the body may be less noticeable than other models.


Apple didn’t give it an over-the-top name like Starlight or Midnight because it didn’t need this color. You know exactly what color this is when you look at it. This phone is blue. In fact, it’s the bluest phone you can buy today and includes the more faded-looking Sierra Blue offered by the iPhone 13 Pro this year. It’s a phone that stands out everywhere, and everything except requiring you to use a clear case if you intend to use it.

iPhone 13 comes in 5 color options. So which should you buy? Source link iPhone 13 comes in 5 color options. So which should you buy?

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