Iowa Senate Leader: Press, Teachers Have ‘Sinister Agenda’ – Omaha, Nebraska


Omaha, Nebraska 2022-01-13 04:00:00 –

Senator Iowa held a legislative meeting on Monday to assert an “ominous agenda” to normalize media attacks and deviant behavior towards children.

Congress is expected to focus on plans for tax cuts and reforms to the unemployment law, but Republican Senator Jake Chapman used his opening speech to demand that he run for Congress.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that we live in a world where many people, including the media, confuse us, lead us in the wrong direction, deceive, and call for good and evil and evil,” he said. Told.

He claimed that there was “an ominous agenda happening in front of us.”

“The attacks on our children are no longer hidden,” he said. “People who want to normalize sexually deviant behavior towards their children, such as pedophilia and incest, are pushing the movement more than ever.”

Chapman has previously called for the imprisonment of educators who provide obscene materials to children and upholds the ban on books from schools.

In Iowa and throughout the country, there is a move to strengthen the control of books available to children, Chapman said: “Some teachers disguise sexually obscene material as a desirable subject. Artistic and literary. I profess that it is worth it. “

“No one has the right to expose a child to obscene things, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or occupation,” Chapman said.

Chapman did not respond to a message from the Associated Press asking for further clarification of his comments.

Democratic leaders criticized Chapman’s remarks, calling them divisive and extreme political rhetoric that discouraged teachers, nurses, and others from working in the state.

Senate Democratic Prime Minister Zach Wahls said Iowa’s labor shortage is more serious than anywhere else because of the Republican legislative agenda. The Republican Party controls both chambers in the sixth year.

“This session is said to increase Republican’s biggest hits. More attacks on LGBTQ Iowa, more petrol for cultural war fires, and more attacks on the First Amendment.” Wahls said.

Mr Walls also said Senate Republicans had locked reporters out of the Senate floor for the first time in more than a century. This decision forced reporters to work in public galleries above the Chamber of Commerce, where access to elected civil servants is severely restricted.

“Iowa believes that we need to end the divisive cultural war that causes Iowa to fight Iowa and instead unite our state,” he said. “We need to make Iowa a comprehensive and welcoming place for the state to grow again.”

House Democratic leader Jennifer Confast said politicians need to focus on the truth and allow teachers to freely teach true history without being restricted to politicians.

“Today, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we can’t ignore such prevalent lies and false information. As elected civil servants, we not only tell the truth, but the truth. We have a deep responsibility to defend and hold each other accountable, “she said. “Our democracy requires us to uphold the truth so that it can be tolerated.”

Other Republican leaders create a parental bill of rights that can determine how to approve tax cuts, rewrite unemployment laws to get people back to work, and how schools can decide which books are suitable for the library. I talked about that.

As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly throughout the state, 150 lawmakers and staff have returned to the Capitol without mask, vaccine, or testing requirements.

Parliamentarians can decide how to deal with potential federal vaccine obligations currently bound in court. A group of people who opposed the vaccine requirement rallyed in the Capitol on Monday morning, before the legislators began the session.

Iowa Senate Leader: Press, Teachers Have ‘Sinister Agenda’ Source link Iowa Senate Leader: Press, Teachers Have ‘Sinister Agenda’

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