Instagram account records 50 years of car prizes with ‘The Price is Right’


hit game showThe price is right.” Some models have become classics, while others have disappeared from the roads of America entirely.

discoverer grassroots motorsportsthe account is called tpircarsThere are 174 posts at the time of writing, all following the same basic format. Each post includes a screenshot of a particular car and descriptive lines from the show’s announcer. for example, first car The show’s prize was a comeback model, the Chevrolet Vega. Offered in September 1972, Johnny Olson described it as having “bucket seats, power steering and front discs.” breakAM radio, and white-striped tires. sports car.”

The Vega Comeback was a bit of an eccentric car, but it wasn’t the most eccentric car.”the price is right“Have you heard of the Opel Isuzu? Not one but two examples of the 808 sedan with ‘1972 4-speed synchromesh floor shift’, the 1979 Renault LeCar and the 1982 Fiat Strada (known as Ritmo in Italy). fuel consumption“However, no mention was made of excellent susceptibility to rust.

Better cars were also offered as prizes. Those who won a Mercedes-Benz 280E (W123) in 1978 went home with a smile, and those who won a Porsche 944 in 1989 probably went home very quickly. The prize on January 30, 1984 was his 19-foot camper, based on Ford, with amenities such as stove, refrigerator, toilet, shower, and CB radio.

Without knowing the VIN, it’s difficult to tell exactly what happened to these cars.there are some possibilities depreciated To nothing; how much was a 1982 Pontiac J2000 station wagon worth in 2002? Game show provenance probably wasn’t enough to save it. Built in 1985 by the infamous Kenosha Was the Renault Alliance alive to celebrate its 10th anniversary, or was it already transformed into some kind of building material?

Ultimately, many of the cars offered as prizesThe price is right.” The last 50 years have been relatively commonplace. they are funny now these are Winning the Ford Bronco II in 1984 must have been like winning. bronco sports in 2022 new car But Bob Barker and Drew Carey didn’t give you the keys Red Porsche 911 GT3.

Still, some prizes are being appreciated at a rate that even the most shrewd of contestants could never have predicted. A red and white 1975 Volkswagen bus, a 1984 Toyota pickup with off-road lights and a so-so 1980s paint job, and a 1977 Chevrolet Blazer with a removable soft top. These have become fairly popular classics that are worth more in 2022 than they were when new.

Instagram account records 50 years of car prizes with ‘The Price is Right’

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