Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas


Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas

Technological advancement has put 3D printing at the forefront. Additive manufacturing has left no stone unturned to take businesses as well as consumers by surprise. Apart from facilitating a simpler manufacturing process, the technology is becoming a boon for aspiring creators around the globe. Precisely put, 3D printing is inspiring everyone to leave all the mediocrity behind and come up with wonderful solutions.

So, why not try printing some great designs that prove the technology is more than just a rapid prototyping solution. You can find a number of designs that are useful and creative at the same time. Here are some of the examples to get you started.

Squeeze Fan Ruggedized

Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas2

Well, hearing about squeeze fans do remind us of the toys we often find in the marketplaces. Far away from being useful as a cooling fan, these toys are only a way to keep kids busy for a few minutes.

But do not mistake the design of squeeze fan ruggedized to be just a toy for passing time.  Unlike the toy fans which fail to offer enough wind to cool down, the 3D design on Thingiverse is highly functional. It is an upgraded version which is larger, offering great cooling. Yet handy to carry during travels.

For best results, use ABS or PETG instead of PLA for high strength. You must also refer to the guidelines by the designer to avoid unnecessary issues while printing. In case you find any trouble handling your printer, find the setup guidelines on Pick3Dprinter.

Fractal Vise

Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas3

A great addition for any workshop, the design of this Fractal Vise is very amazing. Practically, the item can hold tools of any shape using its 16 movable fingers. Not just that, the design is easy to compete with. You can get every direction precisely explained by the designer on the Thingiverse website.

You can download the 3D file for free on Thingiverse, however if you think it’s too complex for your beginner skills, here are some more of the coolest and most sophisticated things to 3D print at home. Any of these designs would be ideal for home use or as 3D printed gifts with a personal touch.

Quick Setup Drill Depth Stop

Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas4

Drilling holes is nothing new. The process is simple and requires almost no great technical expertise. However, it is often difficult to keep a track of the drill depths. Either you can end up with an unwanted exit hole or may have to drill again with no room for proper finishing.

However, using these drill depths, you can perfect your holes each time. Without going too deep, the drill depths help you stay precise at your job. Not just that, the 3D designs come in different-sized collets as well as sleeves. In addition, the designs include a holder that easily snuggles into a DeWalt box.

You can find the design on PrusaPrinters.

Charger Cable Organizer

Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas5

The smart designs are becoming popular, helping individuals organize items at home and offices. Especially when it comes to taking care of tangled wires, we often fall short of solutions. Therefore, this charger cable organizer fits our needs in the best way possible.

With cool design, the 3D file is easy to print and set up. Most importantly, it makes the hassle of handling long wires simple and organized. You will be required to print different components and snap them together to complete the setup.

Available on PrusaPrinters, you can simply download the design and start printing. Whatever guidance you need, you can refer to the tips mentioned by the designer.

Slim Credit Card Wallet

Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas6

Easy to download from Thingiverse, the Slim Credit Card wallet flaunts a modern design involving card ejection feature. It requires 8 hours of printing time and is pretty simple to accomplish. The design comes with necessary setting advice.

To achieve precision and accuracy with fine finish, you must build the frame with 30 to 50 percent infill with proper support from the bed. Apart from that, you can use 100 percent infill for other components.

Bottle Opener and CAP GUN

Inspire and Be Inspired with These 3D Printing Ideas7

Did you ever think that a bottle opener can add fun to the overall task? Well, this one does. Let the child inside you get the best of you just by printing this amazing design available on Thingiverse. Just use an elastic band along with some printed pieces to complete the setup of this wonderful design.

Pretty easy to print and comes along with proper instruction to assemble the components together for making your parties a fun experience for guests.

To play, open, aim and shoot. While it easily serves its purpose, it does offer an additional attraction to keep your friends and family occupied during get-togethers.

The Conclusion

Calling 3D printing, the technology of the future, isn’t an exaggeration. The technology has come far beyond its initial limitations and has made everyone believe in its unmatched possibilities. In addition to inspiring people with its wonderful capabilities, 3D printing has given everyone the opportunity to test their creativity.

Hence, why not utilize the same and 3D print objects that not only inspire you but others as well.

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