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    Inge Theron Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

    Instagram feed suddenly slaps or slaps on the face, Massage In the name of beauty, you have Inge Theron who appreciates it. A former cosmetologist founded Face Gym. FaceGym is a celebrity-loved massage-focused facial bar that includes: Bella Hadid, Jasmine Tookes, When RizzoAfter discovering the transformative power of facial massage and muscle stimulation.

    “If you don’t actually stimulate your muscles, when you’re in your late 30s or 40s, you’ve noticed that unless you work, there’s no local ingredient to help,” says Theron. Glamour.. “So, for me, it’s all about treating your facial muscles as you treat your body muscles.”

    Theron believes that great skin is a combination. Half are “great actives” and half are your way. application product. “When I think about cleansing, I don’t think’oh, it just cleanses and removes dirt from the skin,’” she explains. “It’s great. Uses knuckles. Increases circulation. Increases collagen, tones, tightens, lifts. And, as you know, my eyes look a little. Poor. , Remove the puffs and carve the cheekbones. ”While cleansing the face, this is all done. “

    Theron discovered facial massage while traveling the world as a spa writer in his mid-30s. She says she had access to “any face in the sun,” but she was consistently disappointed with the unsustainable consequences.But she was also not ready for something more permanent InjectionSo she studied what else was there. “I went to Mexico and worked with an Inca healer,” she says. “I went to Japan. I basically traveled around the world and realized that face massage and muscle manipulation were a thousand years old. The Chinese empress put acupoints on her beauty routine. I was using it. “

    And in 2016, Face Gym was born. “It took something that was already established and proven, but made it cool and sexy,” says Theron. “It’s just a lot of research, and then I’ve worked with really talented people. I have a great team of master trainers. We’re exactly the same as you train your body. Jim designed this concept to be warm-up-cardio sculpting-cool down. “

    Obviously, her routine focuses on massage and treatment, but she also relies on an ever-evolving line of products for her combination skins. She also targets signs of dryness, hyperpigmentation, and aging, but seeks to maintain a positive attitude about them. “I laugh a lot. I live a lot. When I was young, I was very worried about it before FaceGym, but now I put those lines around my eyes. I realized that I worked hard for that, “she says. “I didn’t dance at Ibiza’s table until 4am. Now they’re me because I feel so comfortable with them.”

    “You have to own it,” she says. “At some point you have to say,’What do you know? I spent most of my youth worried that my jeans had a too big butt. Or am I old? “And at some point you just go,’This is my best version. I did everything I could, and this is it. Take it or leave it. ‘That’s one of the good things about getting older. You will be confident. “

    Below, Theron shares the content of her current rotation Glamors Drop routine..

    My cleanser

    I am a very seasonal skin care person. I treat my skin like my body. In summer, I don’t eat pumpkin, I eat asparagus.Now, given the fact that I was in the sun, I’m using FaceGym Electrolyte Cleanser, Because it has a really beautiful prescription. Contains a light papaya extract and is effective against hyperpigmentation. It has an electrolyte not found in any other product I have found. It’s really great to energize. I also get some larger pores, especially during the summer. That is, there is a patented red clover extract. The result of pore closure is incredible. It’s so gentle that it doesn’t damage the skin barrier. At the moment I use it in the morning and at night. It really, really helps, just because I have this extended hyperpigmentation at the moment. I tend to use September to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots in both FaceGym Studios and skin care.

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