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    India’s LEAD School becomes unicorn with fresh $100 million funding – TechCrunch

    Despite the recent boom in consumer-centric education and learning platforms in India, the majority of students in South Asian countries remain unserviced. Existing B2C products are expensive for most students and are heavily biased towards high school students preparing for competitive exams.

    Lead schoolThe 9-year-old startup is working on this disconnect as follows: Utilizing infrastructure that is already widespread throughout the country:school. And the model is working.

    Existing backers West Bridge Capital and GSV Ventures said Thursday that they led Lead School’s Series E funding. A new funding round that boosts LEAD School’s previous funding to $ 170 million has doubled its startup valuation to $ 1.1 billion in nine months.

    Founded by a couple of Sumeet Mehta and Smita Deorah, the LEAD School works with thousands of kindergarten to high school schools (most of which serve low-income families; LEAD begins a new session4. We estimate that there are over 5,000 schools a month). Has integrated a platform that helps protect books and other resources from vendors. This reduces the number of intermediaries and realizes quality assurance.

    But more importantly, and why the couple first started LEAD School. This startup helps teachers find ways to design curriculum, convey concepts to students, and evaluate learning outcomes.

    Startups work closely with students to understand areas that need improvement. LEAD School has found that the biggest challenge most students face is understanding English. This is also a factor that influences the way you understand most other subjects.

    In an interview with TechCrunch, Deorah will focus on prioritizing clearing fundamentals, allowing students at LEAD School institutions to complete all subjects and earn more than 70%. I did.

    “If India has to achieve its true potential, schools need to be significantly transformed so that all children can achieve their true potential. But from kindergarten to high school, it bypasses school. Everyone was talking about educational technology that leads directly to students by doing it, and everyone is focused on test preparation and lessons because people accept that the school cannot be improved. But we think differently. Kids spend 6 hours at school and 1 hour at tuition. Imagine what you could do if you could change schools! That’s me. That’s why we focused on school education engineering, “she said.

    The couple, Smita Deorah and Sume et Mehta, founded the LEAD School in 2012. Image credit: LEAD School

    “Usually for schools affiliated with LEAD, this will improve student learning outcomes by 20-25%,” she said, with plans to serve 2 million students in April. I added. “We are proud of our students’ achievements, which have helped us reach our current scale.”

    The pandemic, which prompted New Delhi and the state government to close schools several times, created additional barriers for students. Most of these students come from families who do not have multiple smartphones or other devices at home. To address this, LEAD School worked with teachers to provide live and asynchronous virtual classes to give students more flexibility in watching lessons and completing their homework.

    “Here we are talking about households where children do not have personal devices. Of the children we serve, 5-10 percent of parents buy tablets for them most of the time. No, “she said. “Synchronous learning is not possible in this ecosystem.”

    “The quality of LEAD’s education is already revolutionizing the way Indian students are taught on a large scale,” said Rohan Malhotra, managing partner of venture capital, one of the early backers of startups. I am.

    LEAD School expects to achieve $ 80 million in annual revenue in the new academic year. Startups are planning to roll out new funding to innovate their products and curriculum. We aim to reach 25 million students and expand ARR to $ 1 billion.

    With more than 250 million school students, India is one of the largest education markets in the world. Parents in India spend a lot of money on their children’s education because they believe that their children’s education is the key to economic growth and a better life.

    Numerous companies, including educational technology giants Byju’s, Unacademy, Vedantu, and American giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, are trying to reach students in the country.

    “”[LEAD School] Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner of GSV Ventures, said in a statement that it would act as Intel in an affordable school, ensuring over 70% proficiency for low / middle-income students in all subjects and grades. It is out of warranty.

    “At GSV, we believe that Proficiency Guarantee is an innovative service in the K12 education space and has the potential to bring social change to our students. With this powerful and unique value proposition and an outstanding management team, LEAD Is on the road to becoming the world’s largest and most influential school education engineering company, “she said.

    India’s LEAD School becomes unicorn with fresh $100 million funding – TechCrunch Source link India’s LEAD School becomes unicorn with fresh $100 million funding – TechCrunch

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