In the EU, all leaders are monarchs


NSORONATIONS has It has taken many forms throughout European history. The Spanish kings received a golden apple. The French kings were soaked in sacred oil from the Holy Ampulla of Reims. Napoleon anointed himself in front of the Pope and crowned himself in search of a variety of themes. The Polish kings endured the amazing sight of waking up to the archbishop in the bedroom on a big day.

Another type of coronation is EUThe 27 leaders will meet at the European Council, the club’s top body, which launched the two-day summit on October 21st. The European building, a glass cube containing a fluorescent oval called the “Space Egg” that hosts the rally, may lack the glitz of Reims Cathedral. But when the president or prime minister enters the egg, they are effectively elected monarchs. For the next few hours, each leader will follow the royalist beliefs. l’état, c’est moi, 27 governments have been reduced to 27 individuals.

Founded in 1974 as an informal men’s dining club (all gentlemen at the time), the European Council was a place for leaders to personally discuss continental issues.It was sitting outside EUTreaty. The French president, Valerie Giscard d’Estan, who invented the forum, baptized it with majestic prosperity. Vive le Conseil Européen! (The summit is dead and the European Council will live longer). Skip 50 years ahead and it stands as the most powerful EU It solves all major questions, whether institutional, constitutional or simply controversial.

As a result, the European Council gives enormous power to the individual leaders sitting on it. In some countries this is not a big deal. In France, Emmanuel Macron sits on a system that gives the president enormous power compared to his fellow leaders. It’s annoying for people with weak executives. Italy has a changing leader carousel, some talented and some unlucky. It rattled through eight government prime ministers during the 16 years of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor. This is a weakness in an intimate environment such as the European Council, where personality clashes with power. Why do you sign a contract with someone when you change within a few months?

Unlike the actual king EU Leaders need to worry about domestic voters and parliament. Sometimes this is a tactic.Reminiscent of a bubbling ghost MPAt home is a good way to win concessions from your peers. Some parliaments, especially Scandinavian parliaments, keep their leaders on a short line. Tactical legislatures of other countries should follow. All leaders are aware of each other’s domestic constraints, but the European Council exists to forge compromises. The way to reach it ultimately depends on the individual at the table.

Once individual leaders make decisions, it is difficult to deselect. If 27 agrees to do it, 27 must agree to undo it.Inertia is a powerful force EU Politics. Once the club departs in a particular direction, it’s hard to stop. Therefore, the European Council should be as visionary as the Board.While EUManagement is on a daily basis, and the head of government needs to meet several times a year to set a general direction. A few sentences are usually sufficient for the most grand plans. Huge proposals such as the monetary union begin as a few lines of the European Council communiqué.

According to the European Council is clearly not a legislator EUTreaty. Still, we find that it is increasingly effectively creating law. Line-by-line negotiations, once reserved for major constitutional moments such as treaty changes, are now common when devising specific policies. In July 2020, leaders involved spending in excess of € 18 trillion ($ 2.1 trillion) in discussions for five days, including the construction of a € 750 billion package of new jointly guaranteed debt. Some percentage of Gross National Income was tampered with early on. Because the European Council’s conclusion is considered a royal declaration EUIf the instructions are too specific, the actual legislator will play around with them again.

The European Council is the most democratic for its advocates EU institution. The leader is the household name.However EU It’s not democratic and suffers from attention deficit. On paper EU Is a parliamentary system. The administration is overseen by a directly elected parliament, and the government of the country acts collectively as co-members. The summit draws attention from the rest of the system, which makes it more legitimate. MEPs and the minister grind EU Law. Leaders are better off doing it themselves than delegating. What is the conclusion? More meetings. In the 1990s, leaders met three to four times a year. In the 2010s, they met twice as often. If you can get together through the video, the temptation is to convene more.

One day king

Even the format of the summit has its drawbacks. The European Council is agile, but narrow. The largest states shrink to a small clutch of traveling advisors. Decision making is intentionally made in stressful situations. The summit starts late and ends late. This is because physical fatigue mixes with social pressure to close a deal.It embeds the misleading idea of ​​progress EU Even if created artificially, it is only possible in crisis situations. Tools that work well in an emergency are routinely trusted, much like using a fire extinguisher to fill a kettle.

Personality is very important in the court of the king, as individuals exercise so much power. France under Francois Hollande was quite meek. Macron is the happiest performer on the continental stage, pushing French ideas into a much wider area. The pure power of the character can lend even the influence of the smallest country. In such forums, personnel changes can lead to policy changes. The departure of Mrs. Merkel, who was attending her last such meeting this week, EUTop table. The monarch will come soon. The queen is dead. The following will live longer. ■■

This article was published in the printed European section under the heading “The Court of the Kings”.

In the EU, all leaders are monarchs

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