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    In blow to Biden, Supreme Court blocks vaccine mandate for businesses

    The US Supreme Court has blocked President Joe Biden’s obligation to vaccinate or test large corporations.

    The US Supreme Court hit President Joe Biden on Thursday, blocking his COVID vaccination or testing obligations to employees of large corporations.

    At the same time, the State Supreme Court has granted federal-funded health care workers the obligation to vaccinate.

    Mr Biden said he was “disappointed” by the nine court’s decision to defeat his mission to a company with more than 100 employees vaccinated or tested for COVID-19.

    “We are disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to thwart the common-sense life-saving requirements of employees of large corporations that are directly rooted in both science and law,” Biden said in a statement. rice field.

    The president welcomed mandatory vaccination of health care workers and said it would “save lives” by affecting about 10 million people working in federally funded facilities.

    After months of public appeal for COVID vaccination, which killed more than 845,000 people in the United States, Biden announced in September that a large private company was mandating vaccination.

    Unvaccinated employees are required to present a weekly negative test and wear a face mask during work.

    The federal agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has given companies to comply with the rules or face the possibility of fines until February 9.

    However, six conservative judges of the Supreme Court ruled that the mission represented “a significant intrusion into the lives and health of a huge number of employees.”

    “Parliament has undoubtedly empowered OSHA to regulate occupational hazards, but not the agency to more broadly regulate public health,” they said.

    “Requesting vaccinations for 84 million Americans selected just because they work for an employer with more than 100 employees certainly falls into the latter category.” They added.

    Three liberal judges opposed the ruling, stating that the ruling “damages the federal government’s ability to counter the unparalleled threat that COVID-19 poses to our workers.”

    the supreme courts

    Six conservative judges of the Supreme Court ruled that mandates to employees of large corporations represent “a serious violation of the lives and health of a huge number of employees.”

    “Don’t do any harm”

    Obligation to vaccinate health care workers at the facility Federal funding Two conservatives, Judge John Roberts and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, joined the Liberal Party and were approved with a 5-4 vote.

    “It is consistent with the basic principles of healthcare professionals to take steps to prevent healthcare providers from infecting patients with dangerous viruses. First, it does no harm,” the majority said.

    Vaccination has become a politically polarized issue in the United States, where about 63% of the population is fully vaccinated.

    A coalition of 26 business groups has filed proceedings against OSHA regulations, with several Republican-led states Health care workers..

    Nancy Pelosi, a top Democrat in the House of Representatives, called the Supreme Court’s decision “alert” and accused Republicans of continuing to “attack life-saving vaccines.”

    But Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott said the court’s ruling “sends a clear message: Biden is not a king and his terrible overshoot of federal power would be unacceptable.”

    “I had a COVID and got the vaccine, but I never uphold the vaccine’s obligation to bully hard-working Americans and kill their jobs,” Scott said.

    Former President Donald Trump welcomed the company’s ruling.

    “The Supreme Court has confirmed and said that we all know. Biden’s miserable mission is unconstitutional,” Mr. Trump said in a statement. “We are proud that the Supreme Court has not retreated. There is no obligation!”

    Biden said in a statement that it is now up to the state and individual employers to decide whether to require employees to “take simple and effective steps to get vaccinated.” Stated.

    He said the Supreme Court’s ruling “doesn’t prevent me from using my voice as president to insist that employers do the right thing to protect the health and economy of Americans.” Stated.

    “If we want to save lives, keep people working, and put this pandemic behind us, we have to keep working together,” he said.

    The U.S. Supreme Court seems to be split on COVID vaccine obligations

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