Improved ultrasound techniques for cancer diagnostics


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Various imaging techniques such as MRI, CT, and ET scans are used to diagnose cancer. However, ultrasound has the advantage of being a real-time, portable, widely available and cost-effective alternative. TU / e-researcher Anastasiia Panfilova has investigated two promising ultrasound techniques and has developed an ultrasound contrast agent that can function as a therapeutic agent by locally administering the drug to the tumor. On Tuesday, January 18, Panphilois defends her dissertation in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Detection of cancer It is often hampered by the asymptomatic course of the disease. Early diagnosis may increase a good prognosis. For most types of cancer, histopathological analysis, which examines the tissue under a microscope to check for possible disease, is the golden standard for diagnosing cancer.

When malignant tumors are confirmed by histopathology, imaging plays a vital role in tumor classification, survival prognosis, treatment choices, treatments, and monitoring of response to treatment. In some cases, diagnostic imaging is itself the golden standard for cancer diagnosis. The most common diagnostic imaging methods used to diagnose cancer are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray computed tomography (CT), and radiation tomography (ET). Ultrasound is recommended to assist in cancer diagnosis of some organs and is the most suitable diagnostic imaging method for biopsy guidance.

Global impact

Improvements in this technology are socially important because ultrasound has the advantages of being real-time, portable, widely available, and cost-effective, says PhD student Anastasiia Panfilova. increase. “Appropriate ultrasound diagnosis of cancer has a global impact and provides access to clinical diagnosis even in low-income countries. Therefore, we have ultrasonic technology for early detection of various cancer markers. I aimed for development. Cancer diagnosis.. “

Panfilova focused on two non-linear ultrasound techniques: contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CE-US) and nonlinear parameter imaging (B / A). B / A imaging is still under development and the usefulness of B / A has not been fully studied for cancer diagnosis. Panfilova sought to bring B / A measurements one step closer to the actual implementation of B / A, but CE-US research shows the most promising results.

“CE-US imaging requires an intravenous injection of ultrasound contrast agent. These are small bubbles 1-10 micrometer in diameter stabilized by a biocompatible shell. For cancer growth, The formation of new blood vessels is required to receive nutrients. The formed vascular network is dysfunctional and the hierarchy of blood vessels is irregular, which complicates the absorption of contrast media and the subsequent imaging of the tumor. May be. “


Therefore, Panfilova has developed a new contrast agent that can further investigate the distribution of CE-US contrast agents in the vasculature, better distinguish between healthy and tumor tissues, and visualize tumors with irregular vasculature. Did.

In addition, she showed that certain bubbles in this contrast agent could also contain a liquid core. She concludes that this offers the possibility to deliver the drug locally to the tumor while being monitored through the use of contrast media. Ultrasound..

First in vivo test of fractional harmonic imaging for detection of PCa

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