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    Immigrate to Canada as an Inspection Technician

    Great and awesome opportunities await you if you immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician. This is because of the increase in demand for inspection technicians all over Canada.

    Indeed, your success is guaranteed, because your skill is one of the sought-after jobs in Canada to help oversee work activities and ensure that the work process goes smoothly.

    Undoubtedly, you can make it big in Canada. Averagely your salary at an entry-level position starts from $50,632. However when you move to an average technician your salary increases to $58,500, Then, at an experience level you can earn up to $75,945.

    Who is an inspection technician?

    Generally, an inspection technician is a technician that operates ultrasonic, magnetic particle, radiographic liquid penetrant, eddy current, and other elements to control work quality.

    Not only do they ensure quality but also use similar testing equipment to check discontinuities in objects of various materials and compositions. Therefore, your service is highly needed to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician for these roles.

    Oftentimes, your service is verified in the department of manufacturing, and also by private industrial inspection establishments.

    Most importantly, you cannot immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician if it is not on the Canadian NOC code, but the good news is that it is on the Canadian NOC list and is assigned to code 2261. Hence, you can immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician.

    Main duties of an inspection technician

    Unquestionably, there are general and specific tasks that you will carry out when you immigrate to Canada to establish your career.

    The following are the expected duties, tasks, and responsibilities that you will undertake when you immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician and non-destructive tester.

    • Firstly you will calibrate and set up non-destructive testing equipment
    • Also, you will conduct different tests to detect discontinuities and ensure quality using magnetic particle, ultrasonic radiographic liquid penetrant, Eddy current, and other testing methods
    • Not only will you establish techniques for the proper examinations of expected objects but also ensure that there is strict adherence to safety precautions and regulations by the staff.
    • You will be required to test criteria following standards or specifications. Also, you will evaluate the results gotten from the analysis
    • Clearly, You will report and organize test results
    • Furthermore, you may be required to perform specialized inspections utilizing laser shearograpgy testing methods, infrared thermography, acoustic emission, and vibration analysis.
    • In addition, you might supervise and instruct trainees
    • As well as record and report fluid output and intake
    • Lastly, you will monitor or observe patients’ documents and status.

    Examples of job prospects for inspection technicians

    Of course, there are jobs specified for inspection technicians under the Canadian NOC code 2611. Therefore, you should get acquainted with these job roles

    • Acoustic emission technician
    • Acoustic emission tester
    • Aircraft non-destructive inspection technician
    • Blacklight technician – non-destructive testing
    • Boiler tester
    • Dye penetrant technician
    • Dye penetrant tester
    • Eddy current technician
    • Eddy current tester
    • Fluorescent penetrant testing technician
    • Fluoroscope tester
    • Forging tester
    • Hydrostatic tester
    • Industrial radiographer
    • Industrial radiographer – radiotelephony
    • Technician- Infrared
    • Infrared tester
    • Thermographer- Infrared
    • Infrared thermography technician
    • Liquid penetrant technician – non-destructive testing
    • Liquid penetrant testing technician
    • Magnetic particle technician
    • Particle tester- Magnetic
    • Magnetic particle testing technician
    • Maintenance technician – non-destructive testing (NDT)
    • Examination technician- Non-destructive
    • Non-destructive examiner
    • Non-destructive inspection technician
    • Inspection tester- Non-destructive
    • Non-destructive inspector
    • Non-destructive test technician
    • Tester- Non-destructive
    • Non-destructive testing maintenance (NDT) technician
    • Testing trainee- Non-destructive
    • Pipe tester – non-destructive testing
    • Pipeline testing technician – non-destructive testing
    • Pressure tank tester
    • Pressure vessel tester

    Requirements to work in Canada as an inspection technician

    In order for you to successfully immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician, you have to fulfill all working requirements. Without a doubt, these requirements are prerequisites for the success of your application

    • Firstly, you must complete a minimum of two years post-secondary education in a science course, Otherwise, you must complete an engineering program
    • Secondly, on-the-job training and additional classroom is required for non-destructive testing certification
    • Also, you must have language proficiency test results.
    • Likewise, you must be acquainted with safety precautions in


    • First and foremost, regulatory offices and engineering inspectors are excluded. (Check to see 2262 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers)
    • Likewise, ultrasonic equipment operator, occupations in medical laboratories and radiographic are bluntly excluded (Check to see 321 Medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)

    Requirements to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    Definitely, immigrating to Canada as an inspection technician has different requirements that you must meet. The requirements are laid down by the Canadian government. Therefore you cannot do without fulfilling all.

    General requirements to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    Firstly, let’s take a look at the general requirements needed to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    • Age requirement
    • Work experience
    • Language requirements
    • Education requirements

    Age requirements

    Firstly, your age has an impact on the CRS scores that will determine your immigration. Therefore, if you are below 18 years of age, you are ineligible to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician.

    However, if you are between 20 to 29 years of age, Bravo! you will earn the best age score for CRS.

    Work experience

    Undoubtedly, work experience is crucial for your application to be considered to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician. Therefore, you must have at least one year of work experience as a full-time inspection technician and non-destructive tester.

    Language requirements

    Unquestionably, the inability to communicate in an establishment will not lead to the growth of that industry. So on that note, you must enroll in a language proficiency course. The following are there language proficiency tests you can carry out.

    Education requirements

    Note that the minimum educational requirement you must have is a 2 years post-secondary education in any science or engineering course

    Specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    The following are the specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician. Hence, you must fulfill these requirements to stand a chance

    • Firstly, you must have a non-destructive testing certification. This certification is given by natural resources Canada in three different levels.
    • in addition, you must have a welding inspection certification. Note that you can get this from the Canadian welding bureau, which is also available in three levels
    • Also, as an industrial radiographer that uses a radioactive isotope, you must pass an examination. Therefore, you must be recognized as an exposure device operator by the Canadian nuclear safety commission
    • Likewise, you must have a certificate on above-ground storage tank inspection and pressure and boiler vessel process pipeline. Moreover, you can get a certificate from the American petroleum institute.

    Immigrate to Canada as a Personnel Clerk

    Pathways to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    Good news! There are different pathways for you to immigrate to Canada as an expected technician. These pathways are simple but you have to make research on them diligently to know which suits your profile and documents

    Express Entry

    Obviously, Express entry is one of the most common pathways that technicians can use to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician. Meanwhile, you have to be careful to meet all requirements stated for you to have a successful application.

    Also, you have to decide on the program you will use to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician.

    Provincial Nominee Program

    Not only is Express entry the common pathway to Immigrate to Canada, but also the provincial nominee program.

    However, this particular pathway requires that you decide on a province that you will love to work and live in. So, therefore, make research on the different provinces in Canada and apply for the most suitable one.

    Occupation in-demand

    Because of the increase in demand for inspection technicians in Canada, your immigration got easier. So, apply to a specific industry that is in demand of inspection technicians and wait for results.

    Job offer

    Not only can you immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician using the Express entry and province nomination program but also through a job offer. You will tender your letter of application to validate your employment.

    Steps to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    These are the following steps you need to take to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician.

    Step 1:To begin with, decide on the pathway you wish to use to immigrate to Canada.

    Step 2: Then, create and submit an Express Entry profile on the IRCC official website. However, if you want to immigrate using the provincial nominee program, ensure to call for nomination in that province.

    Step 3: Afterwards, you will be sent an ITA which is an invitation to apply.

    Step 4: Lastly apply for permanent residency within 60 days.


    Welcome to Canada! We hope you have a nice time

    Frequently Asked Question

    What are the popular provinces to get employment as an inspection technician in Canada?

    the following and the promises that are in high demand of technicians to immigrate to Canada as an inspection technician

    • Saskatoon
    • Calgary
    • Toronto
    • Montréal
    • Vancouver
    • Victoria
    • Lethbridge
    • Edmonton


    Immigrating to Canada as an inspection technician is easy in Canada. However, you must be careful to meet all requirements and follow all steps for successful application


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