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    Immigrate to Canada as an Author or Writer

    Are you an author or writer or and wondering if it is possible to immigrate to Canada as a writer or author? In recent times, the Canadian government has made everything easy for anyone from any part of the world looking to live and work in the country.

    Further to that, as an author or writer, this is your opportunity to immigrate to Canada to enjoy all the privileges that come with living in Canada.

    Therefore, with the information in this article and with the right strategy and pathway, you will be able to step up your game and begin to plan your immigration to Canada.

    Who is an Author or Writer?

    Authors or writers propose, explore, write books, scripts storyboards, dramas, compositions, speeches, manuals, specifications as well as other non-journalistic articles. More importantly, these articles are used for presentation or publication.

    Moreover, they could work for advertising agencies, governments, large conglomerates, private multimedia companies as well as other organizations. In some cases, they may be self-employed.

    Furthermore, Authors or writers from all over the world can immigrate to Canada so long as they have the right skills, experience and qualifications in their home country.

    What are the Main Duties of an Author or Writer?

    For some of the professionals in this category of work, there are specified roles they play. For example, a technical writer may have specific skills and clients that differentiates them from a new media writer. However, for space restraint, we will mention but a few. Here, they are:

    Novelists, playwrights, scriptwriters, poets and other creative writers

    • Think of and write novels, plays, scripts, poetry and other material for publication or presentation
    • May research to establish realistic content, while obtaining other necessary data.

    Technical writers

    • Analyze material, such as specifications, notes and drawings
    • Write manuals, user guides and other documents to give clear and concise details about the installation, operation and maintenance of software and electronic, mechanical and other equipment.


    • Study and decide on the right selling features of products and services.
    • Write advertisements and commercials texts.

    In addition, authors and writers may specialize in a particular subject or type of writing.

    Examples of Job Titles to Immigrate to Canada as an Author or Writer

    Without a doubt, i you are an author or writer looking to move to Canada to work under this NOC category 5121, there are several work titles you can be employed under. Hence, these include:

    • Ad writer
    • Advertising copywriter
    • Advertising writer
    • Author
    • Biographer
    • Copywriter
    • Crossword puzzle maker
    • Designer and scriptwriter
    • Dialogue writer
    • Dubbing dialogue writer
    • Essayist
    • Feature writer
    • Fiction writer
    • Game, CD-ROM or Web critic
    • Ghostwriter
    • Handbook writer
    • Help file developer
    • Humorist-author
    • Interactive media writer
    • Lexicographer
    • Literary writer
    • Manual writer
    • Multimedia author
    • Medical writer
    • Multimedia scriptwriter
    • Multimedia writer
    • New media writer
    • Novelist
    • On-line reference developer
    • Playwright
    • Poet
    • Programmed-instruction writer
    • Publicity writer
    • Radio writer
    • Rewriter
    • Scientific writer
    • Screenwriter
    • Script and dialogue writer
    • Scriptwriter
    • Self-instruction manual writer
    • Serial story writer
    • Serial writer
    • Short story writer
    • Specifications writer
    • Specifications writer (except construction)
    • Speechwriter
    • Standards writer
    • Storyboarder
    • Support materials writer
    • Technical writer
    • Technical writer – aeronautics
    • Teleplay writer – screenwriter
    • Television writer
    • Technical writer – pharmaceutical industry
    • Writer

    Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as an Author or Writer

    As an author and or a writer who want to immigrate to Canada, so long as you can demonstrate your skills in the area of your expertise, you are permitted to move to live and work in Canada. Moreover, you must have the necessary educational qualifications. Concerning that, the following are required of you to immigrate to Canada as an author or writer:

    • Technical writers usually require a university degree in the area of specialization, such as hospitality and tourism, insurance or photography.
    • Copywriters usually require a university degree or college diploma in French, English, marketing, advertising or another discipline.
    • Creative writing can show proof of a university degree or college diploma.
    • Talent and aptitude, as demonstrated by a portfolio of work
    • Membership in a guild or union related to the occupation.

    What are the Employment Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as an Author or Writer?

    Obviously, there are several requirements for you to meet if you must immigrate to Canada as an author or writer.

    These requirements include both general and specifics. Because of that, the following conditions are necessary for you:

    General Requirements

    Undoubtedly, the general requirements for you to immigrate to Canada as an author or writer, among other things, include your:

    • Age
    • Qualifications
    • Language eligibility
    • Work experience
    • Proof of fund
    • Partner’s eligibility
    • Proof of adaptability in Canada.

    Equally important, the above factors provide you with notable CRS points and that must be equal to or more than 67.

    Pathways to immigrate to Canada as an Author or Writer

    For sure, having satisfied the requirements to work and immigrate to Canada as an author or writer, you need to identify the various systems to help you achieve that. Therefore, they are outlined below:

    • Express Entry system
    • Provincial Nominee Program
    • Job Offer
    • Self-employed Persons Program

    Express Entry

    Interestingly, the Express Entry system is the most prominent of all the routes. Further to that, you can choose any programs out of these immigration programs to create your Express Entry profile.

    All the above routes are viable, however, you need to identify the best option for you. Then, you can apply for the program and start processing your application.

    Provincial Nominee Programs

    In other news, the Canadian government created a program called the Provincial Nominee Program. Hence, it allows foreigners to choose a particular province they would like to live and work in. Again, each of the provinces of Canada has specific criteria for immigration.

    For that reason, if you decide on a province you will love to stay in, you can apply to the provincial program of that province. Also, with this pathway, your CRS score will increase by 600.

    Job Offer

    Here, if you are fortunate to get a job offer before immigrating to Canada, you can use it as a standpoint to apply for your permanent residence in Canada.

    Self-Employed Persons Program

    Technically, this is yet another immigration route that allows you to immigrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person. Hence, as an author or writer, you have a great chance of working as a self-employed person. And so, this route might be favorable to you.

    Quebec Experience Class

    Remarkably, the province of Quebec runs its own business immigration program. Therefore, it is another opportunity for you to live and work in Canada as an author or writer. So, if you want to live in Quebec, visit Quebec’s immigration website for more guidelines.

    Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

    Steps to Immigrate to Canada as an Author or Writer

    Technically, to emigrate to Canada as an author or writer, you must carefully follow these steps below:

    Step 1: Open a Valid Express Entry Profile

    Firstly, you must create an Express Entry profile to immigrate to Canada as an author or writer.

    However, creating an Express Entry profile is just the start of the journey. Hence, you will have more hurdles to climb. Furthermore, creating the profile will offer you those all-important Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

    Step 2: Decide on a Program

    When you create your express entry profile, you should have a clear idea of the program you want to apply to. And so, you can choose from any of the following:

    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Federal skilled trade program
    • Federal skilled worker program
    • Provincial Nominee programs

    Step 3: Obtain a Job Offer from a Canadian Employer

    Undoubtedly, the next step is to find a valid job offer if you wish to immigrate to Canada as an author or writer. More so, the organization recruiting you must demonstrate that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is capable of filling the vacant position.

    Step 4: Get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

    If you meet the requirements for any of the Express Entry routes, you will receive an invitation to apply. Here, your age, language, work experience, and other criteria are taken into account to increase your CRS scores.

    In addition, you must have your documentation and application ready at all times. Also, you must apply within 60 days after receiving an invitation. Moreover, failure to comply renders your ITA void.

    Step 5: Submit Your Supporting Documents

    As pointed out, you have only 60 days to respond to this. Besides, the application fee is CAD 150. As a reminder, a job offer letter, language proficiency, exam result, identity card, proof of funds, and work experience evidence are among the supporting documents you must provide.

    Step 6: Obtain Your Work Permit

    At this point, you can obtain your work permit after your visa processing, which takes about two weeks. Also, when you receive an email after your visa has been approved, the next step is to start getting ready to immigrate to Canada. Markedly, your work permit will be issued to you at a Canadian port of entry.

    Step 7: Welcome to Canada

    Finally, once your application has been approved, you can say goodbye to your home country. Most importantly, make sure you pick up your work permit at a Canadian border crossing.


    Without a doubt, you can successfully immigrate to Canada as an author or writer with the simple steps above.


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