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    Imagine another Civil War. However, this time in all states: NPR

    Trump supporters on the right will discuss with protesters in Detroit on November 5, 2020.

    David Goldman / AP

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    David Goldman / AP

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    Trump supporters on the right will discuss with protesters in Detroit on November 5, 2020.

    David Goldman / AP

    Not long ago, another Civil War idea seemed eccentric.

    Nowadays, not only is this concept mainstream, but suddenly it seems to be everywhere.

    Business Insider The poll was released in October 2020, and the majority of Americans are from the United States. already In the midst of a “cold” civil war.Then last fall, the University of Virginia Political Center Announce poll The majority of people who voted to re-election former President Donald Trump in 2020 are now in their state Withdrawal from the coalition.

    UVA data also showed that an astonishing 41% of those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 said it might now be “time to divide the country.”

    Researchers have found that such a conservative assessment of American democracy is particularly prominent among young people.Last month, Harvard Kennedy School of Political Research Institute Published polls found Half of Americans under the age of 30 voted that our democracy was “problematic” or “failed.” One-third also said he expected a “civil war” to occur in his lifetime. And a quarter thought that at least one state would leave.

    The more you listen to this particular drum beat, the louder it gets.

    With the University of Maryland at the end of last year Washington post Created a poll One-third of Americans said they believed that violence against the government was “sometimes justified.” This is the belief that it is more widely supported between Republicans and Position, About 1 in 10 Americans had that view in the 1990s.

    Do all these poll respondents fully understand the meaning of these terms or what their answers mean? Probably not. The story is often cheap, and pollsters can ask many provocative questions to pursue something noteworthy or topical.

    What do people mean by “civil war”? Returning to the 1860s, when 11 southern states left the Union Army, fought a four-year war, claimed the right to do so, and maintained slavery practices in which about four million African Americans were bound. Let’s assume there isn’t. At the time.

    The Civil War claimed the lives of at least 600,000 Americans and killed thousands more. It economically devastated the South, leaving Peon and most of the people in the region freed by Peon’s life.

    Moreover, it has rarely solved the constitutional problem of “state rights,” which has been a problem in our national conversation since then. Standing out in the struggle for civil rights and voting rights, it remains so in today’s struggle for mask and vaccine obligations.

    States rights, still with us

    The state’s authority to take its own path to basic issues is also at the forefront and central part of the Supreme Court. Abortion rights will soon give an example..Texas and other states want to make the procedure almost unavailable, but many countries prefer access that is nationally granted by courts. Roe v. Wade Decided in 1973.

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    Biden and Trump supporters will gesture to each other as they claim while demonstrating against the results of the November 5, 2020 Detroit elections.

    David Goldman / AP

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    David Goldman / AP

    ap20310681482085 565288f8aef28acc45f418ef9b204af8578741d7 s1200

    Biden and Trump supporters will gesture to each other as they claim while demonstrating against the results of the November 5, 2020 Detroit elections.

    David Goldman / AP

    Darrell West, director of governance research at the Brookings Institution, and William Gail, senior researcher in economic research at Brookings, said:Who wrote the pair Articles on the fraying of American social and political structure..

    They state that conflicts between nations as a whole are not the only way civil war can occur in our time, but even the most likely way. When the problem turns into a violent conflict between local citizens and federal officials, or between controversial groups of citizens, and if the problem may occur much closer to the house. As West and Gale write:

    Today’s toxic atmosphere makes it difficult to negotiate important issues, which offend people to the federal government. Winner-take everything Approach to politics. If the stakes are very high, people are willing to consider extraordinary means to achieve their goals.

    And what do these careful scholars mean by “extraordinary means”?

    “There are an extraordinary number of guns and militias in the United States,” they write. Some?They quote National Shooting Sports Foundation Currently, it is estimated that there are 434 million civilian-owned firearms in the United States. That’s 1.3 guns per person.

    “Semi-automatic firearms make up about 19.8 million in total,” they add, “creating a highly armed population with potentially dangerous abilities.”

    New York Times Recently reviewed The beginning of the civil war According to Barbara F. Walter, a political scientist at the University of California, San Diego.of Interview with San Diego’s NPR Member Station KPBS A year ago, Walter said the attack on the Capitol on January 6 was surprising, but it shouldn’t have been because he was monitoring “the decline of American democracy since 2016.” Said.

    “The United States was formerly considered a complete democracy like Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, but now with partial democracy like Ecuador, Somalia and Haiti,” said Walter, an international legal scholar. It is considered. “

    Draw another line today

    The geographical disparities of our time are different from those of the 1860s. The original Mason-Dixon line, which separated the “Free Land” and “Slave States” areas, can still be traced, and even today there are real differences on both sides of its ancient boundaries.

    But the most meaningful geographic separations in our society are no longer as orderly as north and south, or east and west. This is a well-known difference between urban and rural areas, with a few updates, metro and non-metro.

    Therefore, a “blue state” like Maine has a populous coastal county that voted for Biden and a low-population endorheic county that strongly agreed with Trump, with a majority in one of the state’s two parliamentary districts. Enough to chip him. Conversely, in Nebraska, Ruby Red, one parliamentary district moored in Omaha headed for Biden.

    This dynamics also appears in the highest award of the Electoral College, the state with the largest population. Central Valley County is even much more conservative in California, where the coastal cities are famous for being liberal.

    And in Texas, mainly due to the growing number of people of color, Biden carried the six largest subways in 2020. However, most of the 254 counties in the state are outside these metropolitan areas. In rural Texas, Republican voting shares remain the largest.

    It can change over time, but for now we are not a country divided into 50 states, but two countries that exist in each state. Each is dominant in its own space, and it is certain that it is real America.

    Election results in 2020 can measure some of this geographic / demographic division. Trump won in 2,588 counties that cover most of the country’s landscape, as Republican candidates usually do. (That’s why we’re used to the markedly red election nightmap, even though the popularity polls are close or leaning towards democracy.)

    In stark contrast, Biden carried only 551 counties, less than one-fifth of Trump. However, the total population of the county carried by Biden was about 198 million, while the total population of Trump was 130.3 million. That’s a difference of about 68 million people. In other words, Biden won the county where 60% of the total population of the United States lives.

    It’s unbelievable that Biden’s county is staring at a map dotted with blue dots in the red sea. But those blue dots are where most of the country lives. Looking at the top 10 states by metro in the state’s total population, Biden won all 10 states.

    Trump has acquired several core city counties here and there, with a total population of 4.7 million. Biden has a total population of 97 million and has won the rest of the category. This is a 20: 1 ratio.

    In addition, Biden County is where most of the population growth is happening. Less than one-fifth of the county accounts for 77% of Latino or Hispanic communities and 86% of Asian-American communities.

    Is the civil war a self-fulfilling anxiety?

    Discord forces are worried, to say the least. But does it all have to be a blow? Can we still put ourselves in the center and pull back from any brink we are approaching?

    Irish Times Writer Fintan Otour I issued a caution message just before Christmas Atlantic, He talks about some of his horrifying memories from his “trouble” in his hometown in the late 1900s. Still, he says, in every provocation on both sides, “it never reached a full-blown civil war.”

    He adds that our department does not behave as if we need to drive us to bleeding.

    That makes sense. Especially if you believe that thinking too much about what you can’t think of can lead you to accept what you can’t accept.

    And even if you personally think of what happened on January 6, 2021, we now know that there is nothing unthinkable in American politics.

    Imagine another Civil War. However, this time in all states: NPR

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