Ilia Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm Review 2022


The winter weather caused havoc on my lips, like a lip mask Moisturizing treatment It has an effect. Iria’s Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm is the only exception.This colored lip balm provides both hydration When Color pop on my dry, flaky lips. How do you wonder? Let’s enter.

Iria’s Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm has been around for over a decade, but last summer the brand phased out its old formula and introduced a new, more moisturizing, color-rewarding version. I decided to introduce it.I couldn’t try OG Lip balmBut recently, I got Memoir (a perfect neutral mauve every day) and decided to test it right away.

As another fan Ilia beauty products Shout to Super Serum Skin Tint), I wanted to know how this colored lip balm overlaps with the products I have already tried from the brand, and the current lineup. mask, Ointments and lipsticks were gathered on my top shelf. Simply put, it sold out with a single swipe.

Creamy and incredibly hydrated from the moment you apply, Ilia’s Balmy Tint combines all the benefits of every day. Lip treatment With juicy pigments lipstick— One easy-to-apply balm stick. The new formula is packed with nutritious skin care ingredients such as rosehip seed oil and shea butter. This is behind the smooth texture and creamy finish.

Equally striking are eight shades, from cute roses to delicious cherry reds. Pigments give a gorgeous wash of colors that make your lips look like you but better, and I love how versatile and wearable they are during the day. I like some soft taps on the memoir for a natural and freshly bite look, but all shades are buildable so you can add more strength depending on your mood and look. I can do it.

Courtesy of Thalia Abbas

It doesn’t last as long as regular lipsticks and ointments (the product wears out after 2 hours), but moisturizing ingredients like butter bring me back even further. Reapplying is easy. Place the balm next to your laptop for touch-up with your phone’s camera between zoom meetings. Lips are always soft and moisturizing.Even better, I eat Wear a mask When I’m wearing the product, it’s because I have lipstick Sticky luster..

Choose from 8 colors — and now New clear lip balm Contains hyaluronic acid and pear oil with thorns. There is something small for everyone. The $ 28 price tag may initially sting in balms, but trust it. Especially with this product available all year round, it is becoming your new daily staple.Purchase in full range here, Or scroll down to add Memoir, the shade you can count on, to your cart.

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