I processed’love’how’ and just like that’ Samantha


Approval stamp. Cynthia Nixon I kept the way And just like that Handled the absence of Kim Cattrall And her character, Samantha Jones.

“I thought it was wonderful” Gilded Age Star, 55, confessed during appearance See what happens with Andy Cohen Thursday, January 27th. “I like the way we worked head-on in the first minute.”

65-year-old Cattrall Sex and the City4 major women Will not participate In the HBO Max spin-off series. During the December 2021 premiere, the following became clear: Samantha has moved to London After falling with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Dismissed Samantha as a spokeswoman for her book.

“Sex and the City” by Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker. Hbo / Darren Star Productions / Kobal / Shutterstock

Nixon said while many fans were confused about the fight and the woman’s current relationship with Samantha. And just like that The writer perfectly handled the tricky situation and noted that Samantha’s loss provides an additional “layer” in how the characters interact with each other and with the rest of their social circle.

“Similarly, you may talk to Bitsy von Muffling, and then you have a way to talk to each other about it,” Nixon said.

More than anything, Ratched Alum is happy And just like that Keep the Cattrall door open Potentially back one day.. “I felt like a flower [Samantha sent to Carrie] and [Big’s] The funeral was free [so special], And I love how we sometimes keep checking in with her, “Nixon said. “I like that.”

Cattrall, who is currently starring in Hulu, How I met your fatherHas not publicly commented on her decision to skip SATC Revival, showrunner Michael Patrick King Said We weekly And another reporter in December 2021 he hadn’t planned Samantha to appear..

“”And just like that She didn’t intend to include Kim Cattrall because she decided she didn’t want to play Samantha many years ago, “he explained at the time. “I didn’t want to pretend to be there … I wasn’t absent. I wanted to Reflect reality Of the fact that some people did not participate. The story is that she didn’t want to kill Samantha, so she came up with the idea that Samantha is in London. She loves Samantha. It’s ridiculous. “

A month later, sources said We That Cattrall “doesn’t regret” leaving she Sex and the City The character behind.After many years of speculation about The feud between her and Parker56, and among the co-stars Chris NothSexual assault scandal. (The actor continues Deny multiple claims I’m against him. )

“”[Kim] Insiders added that the Emmy nominee “declined” the main payday for the HBO Max series, and she’s happy in her life now. ” “”[Her life is] No drama. “

But the fans rich Alum is subtly Shared her disapproval Resurrection by “like” tweets from criticizing fans And just like that – include One point comment Starting earlier this month, she praised her new Hulu series instead.

“I’m very proud of @KimCattrall, who skipped the messy S & TC restart and ran @HIMYFonHulu. She’s great, and so is @HilaryDuff👌🏼,” Twitter user said on January 18th. I am writing in. challenge accepted! “

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I processed’love’how’ and just like that’ Samantha

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