I don’t recommend these stocks that don’t make money


Exelon: “I think it’s great. It’s a few dollars ahead of itself, but I think there’s a winner.”

Clean energy: “We are in favor of a company that is actually making money now. There was a time when you could get into something, the company didn’t make money, and you’re okay. That company earns. Must be provided. “

CareTrust REIT: “If I’m going to own Assisted Living, I’ll always go — again, at a much lower yield than you — I’ll go Ventus.. But I don’t really want to go to a group in general. It’s hard now. Many things can go wrong because of Omicron. “

Charles Schwab: “I love Schwab. I was a client of Schwab … Morgan Stanley Sold at [price-to-earnings] A multiple that is half of the shwab. So I think I like Morgan Stanley more, but I’m not arguing that Schwab isn’t a great company. Certainly a great company. “

C3.AI: “We have to understand, it has to make money. That’s all the point. If they aren’t making money, we don’t recommend it. We Has enough problems for those who make money. No need for those who don’t make money. What I really like is not making money Snow flakes.. “

Trade desk: “[CEO] Jeff Green is real. The company is genuine. You can buy more of that stock. I think it’s a great company. “

Roblox: “like [CEO David] Bashkki. I think Bashkki is good. This is one of my couple’s metaverse names. There aren’t many names for the Metaverse.It remains a solid Metaverse name and, of course, is my favorite that I didn’t mention in about 36 hours, as I like. Nvidia.. “

Luminal Technologies: “No, no, look, I saw an article in a publication like this: Ford I was ready for autumn. As soon as I see you go buy Ford. It produces 2% and makes money. That’s what we’re looking for — a profitable company in the field of EV-ICE. And one of them is Ford. “

I don’t recommend these stocks that don’t make money

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