HPE CEO says chip shortages will begin to improve after the summer of 2022


Antonio Neri

Anjari Sandaram | CNBC

According to Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, it will be difficult to overcome the global chip shortage. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Selles hardware and software to companies around the world.

“It won’t be easy, but I really believe we’ll be in much better shape after the summer of 2022,” Neri told CNBC’s Karenzo on Wednesday. His comments have answered questions about whether a coronavirus pandemic could lead to further chip shortage problems.

Neri said a new chip manufacturing plant known as a fab would go online and generate more capacity, adding that this should alleviate some of the supply chain problems.

German Technology and Engineering Group Bosch Has built a new € 1 billion semiconductor plant in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany, and one of Europe’s largest semiconductor clusters, in the last two years and will begin production in July. Did.

Harald Kroeger, a member of the Bosch board of directors, Told CNBC Last August, the supply chain collapsed as demand for chips in everything from automobiles to PCs to electric toothbrushes surged around the world.

Major chip makers including TSMC, Samsung, When Intel We recently announced a new factory, but it hasn’t been ready for a few years and will produce more advanced chips than the old ones.

According to Neri, HPE has suppliers around the world, and the company is always thinking about how to make its products. “We are getting smarter about how products are manufactured, how building materials are constructed, and the ability to replace parts along the way,” he said.

Like many other companies, HPE has long-term contracts with chip suppliers to ensure they get the chips they need, Neri said.

Gartner analyst Alan Priestley told CNBC Wednesday that PC buyers should strive to be flexible in their choice of machine.

“If you want to buy a new PC, you have a lot of flexibility regarding the type of CPU (Central Processing Unit),” he said. “The prices of CPUs vary greatly. Therefore, the desired configuration may not be available, but another configuration is available. Please consider alternatives.”

HPE CEO says chip shortages will begin to improve after the summer of 2022

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