How You Can Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents


A swimming pool on your own property is everyone’s dream. You can simply relax in the pool on a warm summer day. Or throw a pool party for friends and family. However, having a swimming pool is a huge responsibility, not only for your family, but for  visitors as well. A fun pool party can easily turn tragic. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, Swimming pool accidents are common. Many people, particularly kids, drown in pools each year. It is the pool owners responsibility to keep everyone safe. The good news is that most pool accidents are easily preventable.

One of the most effective measures in preventing accidental drowning and other pool-related accidents is to install safety pool alarms for kids. Pool alarms come in various types, such as the one offered by SwamCam, LLC. It is a necessary investment for pool owners.

Aside from installing a pool alarm, here are other tips you can follow to prevent swimming pool accidents:

  1. Mark your pool.

  It is important to indicate how deep the pool is. There must be appropriate and clear markers indicating how deep a particular part of the pool is. Pools are tricky. Clear water may look shallow. Without markers, you can never know how deep the water actually is. Put up warnings and remind your visitors not to dive in shallow water.

  1. Always Keep an eye out.

  Never leave the children swimming unattended. Always focus on watching the water area when swimming, since children can easily slip off from your sight. If you’re throwing a pool party, designate a “lifeguard.” Adults can take shifts of 15 to 30 minutes in doing lifeguard duties. The goal is to have someone on alert just in case anything happens. Don’t swim if you’re alone on the property. For your safety, invite someone into the pool area in case anything happens to you while in the pool.

  1. Don’t drink when swimming.

Drinking alcohol and swimming is never a good idea. It’s a recipe for accidents. However, if you’re hosting a pool party, there may be alcohol involved. The best thing you can do is to stay sober so that you can keep an eye out for visitors who may trip into the pool or  accidentally drown. Remind family and visitors to refrain from going into the water after drinking.

  1. Maintain the pool and pool equipment.

 Basic maintenance checks can be a life-saver. Always check the diving boards, pool lights, slides, ladders, and other pool equipment. Some may need repair or replacement. Damaged or badly maintained pool equipment can cause accidents. You must also keep emergency equipment nearby. These tools may come handy when a pool accident happens.

  1. Remove toys from the swimming pool.

 Children love to play with toys while swimming. However, when they are not swimming, always remove the toys  out of the swimming pool. When children see toys floating in the water, they may  jump into the water to get them. Also, don’t  keep toys lying around the pool area, as someone may step on them and slip. Properly store the toys away when not in use.

  1. Fence the pool area.

 Children may enter the pool area and play in the pool unattended. To keep them off, fence the pool area. This will also prevent pets and strangers from accessing the pool installing an alarm on the gate of the pool’s entrance  may also be helpful.

By following these basic prevention tips, you may potentially save lives.

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