How Video Editing Has Changed Through the Years


Long gone are the days of Charlie Chaplin and the Lumiere Brothers, who presented the first  ever moving images to a paying audience in 1895 in France. In those days, film involved a mechanical process with a strip of images. Fast forward to today’s digital technology and you have a whole range of opportunities for editing effects. In fact, digital technology has made filming and editing so accessible to anyone that you can find tools like this online video editor when you visit See for yourself all the amazing features you can get, including templates to make your life easier.

Early Years Video Editing

As you can imagine, video editing was originally a specialist skill for a niche industry. It also meant having a long list of equipment to hand. Also, you definitely couldn’t just make videos for free but you needed access to a pretty solid budget.

Here are some of the interesting video editing highlights from those days:

  • Tape splicer
  • Linear offline video editing
  • Non-linear video editing

Tape splicer

Technically, in the early days editors were cutters. Moreover, they weren’t really video editing but film editing. So, they would literally cut physical strips of images with scissors. All those pieces would then be glued back together again to create videos.

Luckily for video editors, the Moviola device was launched in 1924. This new equipment meant that, for the first time, you could edit while viewing a film.  Now we’re talking video editing although it’s still a far cry away from today’s online video editor tools.

Linear video editing

A video editor back in the days of analogue had to use linear video editing. Essentially, editing scenes deletes unwanted material.

Many professional video editors still believe it’s worth learning the technique to understand the details of video editing. That way they can hope to potentially become one of the best, even when using today’s more effective online video editor tools.

Non-linear video editing

The first non-linear video editor came out in 1971 although QuickTime launched in 1991 made it more commonly used. Its main advantage is that it creates a new film when editing such that nothing is destroyed in the process.

Today, Adobe Premiere’s non-linear editor is the best online video editor in the industry for professionals. It’s also the most expensive and is usually for making full-length feature films rather than simple video clips.

Using an Online Video Editor Today

Video editing is no longer a niche skill. Digital technology and social media revolutionized how to make a video. You can now easily search your browser so Google can give you a list of various video editing platforms and tools. Even several mobile apps and social media platforms now have their own video editor tools.

All these online video editor tools make the whole process of video creation easier and more intuitive. This doesn’t remove the need for creative skills and attention to detail. Ultimately, that’s how you make your final video clips more eye-catching. No one wants their free videos to disappear in the volumes of content posted everyday.

Therefore, if you want to edit videos easily and effectively, consider these quick tips:

  • Choose the right software
  • Editing techniques
  • The Rule of 3

Choose the right software

It all starts with having the right tools when you make a video online. You’ll soon see that you have lots of options where you can sign up to that range from free to paid subscriptions. So, have a think about why you want to create videos and how easy you want the process to be.

Most free online video editors are designed for beginners. Once you feel more comfortable, you can then pay the monthly fee to open up even more features and editing options. While investigating these tools, you can also check out the library of templates and music files they have on offer.

Editing techniques

It’s worth knowing a few basics before you get started with video editing. One simple rule of thumb, for instance, is to avoid having too many cuts. It’s a common beginner mistake and it can make the final video clips look too jumpy.

You’ll also want to get used to how the editing settings change brightness, contrast and color. Moreover, transitions can be an effective way to move from one scene to another.

Last but not least, if you download your own images into templates from your video maker then make sure you get the right composition setup. This means aligning any subject matter on the grid lines or intersections of an imaginary 3 by 3 grid.

The 321 Rule

Technology is amazing when it works. Nevertheless, as most of us have learnt the hard way, things can and do go wrong. That’s why editors advise using the 321 Rule.

Essentially, make sure you keep 3 copies of everything in 2 different media outlets with 1 copy in a different physical location. That way, your video clips will always be safe.

How Video Editing Has Changed Through the Years

Key Takeaways for All the Possibilities of Today’s Online Video Editor Tools

Digital technology has opened up a whole new world to many of us. Isn’t it incredible to have access to a camera every second of every day thanks to our mobiles? A few clicks and some drag and drops later and you can now pass off your free video as professionally made.

So, why not make the most of it? Get yourself out there and have fun with the online video editor tools available. Social media isn’t going anywhere and leveraging those platforms to post your videos for free could be the start of a career boost.


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