How vaccine misinformation left children vulnerable to Omicron


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The COVID-19 pandemic caused fatal damage to adults in the United States for two years, but greatly prevented children from being added to the disastrous statistics.

However, the rapid spread of Omicron variants has led to record childhood infections and hospitalizations in the country, and false alarms of vaccination telling parents that shots are dangerous increase the risk.

Young people remain unlikely to die of COVID-19. Shot greatly reduces the chances of a serious illness, and vaccinated mothers can protect their babies, Vaccine controversy Pushing online makes both parents and children vulnerable.

From worries that Shot was developed too early to false claims that jabs could affect future births, Phoenix Children’s Hospital doctor Wasim Balan said the fight against false information was his He said it was part of his job.

“Unfortunately, we have the opportunity to discuss these things with our family when the child is already in the hospital,” he said.

Parents need to understand that vaccines are “the most important tool for protection”. In particular, to avoid pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a rare and dangerous complication that can follow mild COVID-19 infection.

In the United States, only 27% of children aged 5 to 11 years receive the first dose of the vaccine. Hospitalizations reached a pandemic high of 914 children per day this month, a dramatic increase from the previous peak of 342 in September 2021.

Protection from the womb

In the first week of January 2022, the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston reported 12 babies receiving intensive care with COVID-19.

The baby is too young for a COVID-19 shot, but Catherine Gray, the maternal-fetal medicine doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said that vaccination during pregnancy safely transfers antibodies to the baby and limits protection. He said that he is showing more and more.

Pregnant mothers have also shown hesitation in firing after being excluded from the initial clinical trial.

Gray is among the people who are watching the situation. She added that “there was no safety signal so far” in her data and “great confidence” in telling patients that the shots of pregnant mothers and babies are safe.

“If they really want to protect their babies, vaccination is the best protection at the moment.”

Health agencies around the world say the same thing, but the lack of initial data continues to be abused in messages against vaccines on social media. Stillbirths have increased after being urged to vaccinate pregnant people, according to Facebook and Twitter posts.

Epidemiologists Carla De Sisto and Sascha Ellington of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said data from 1.2 million US births “there is no evidence of an overall high rate of stillbirth during the pandemic.”

However, their study revealed a risk of being infected with the virus during pregnancy.

“Compared to pregnant people without COVID-19, pregnant people with COVID-19 are at increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, including preterm birth and stillbirth,” the researchers said in an email.

“Unvaccinated milk”

Breastfeeding is also a target of false information, with posts from vaccinated mothers saying that their babies suffered from rashes and even death while breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding Society recommends vaccination for breastfeeding people and states that there is no reason to stop breastfeeding when vaccinated.

Group moderators told AFP that false information is becoming more and more common in private Facebook groups where parents connect to share and sell breast milk. In one such largest group, Bethany Bristow said she was concerned about the demand for “unvaccinated milk.”

A mother in New York, along with other moderators, decided to ban such a request, and the rules of her group of parents with more than 10,500 parents said, “When you promote or request vaccine-free milk, you, you. Children and communities are at risk. “

Studies have shown the specific benefits of milk from vaccinated mothers, according to Laura Ward, co-director of the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“Antibodies were detected in the breast milk of vaccinated lactating females, which means that breast-fed infants have some protection against COVID-19 if the mother is vaccinated. It means there is a possibility, “she said.

Gray agreed. “Breast milk has a lot of antibodies based on previous exposure to both vaccines and infections, which do not pose a risk to the baby and actually help protect the baby,” she said. rice field.

“Vaccine concerns and unknowns are diminished by the risk of COVID.”

COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy — What Women Should Know

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