HOW TO VEGAS: Jan. 14, 2022 – Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-01-14 18:33:26 – Millions of people gather in Las Vegas and spend their time and money on the Las Vegas Strip. But if you’re a Las Vegas local, you know there’s more to experience. Welcome to “How to Vegas”, a weekly guide to places and things for Las Vegas locals and visitors who want to explore. This week, we’ll introduce you to a unique museum, introduce you to the Las Vegas headliner, introduce you to delicious dining locations, and explore the natural history of the area. Watch the entire episode in the video player above.Links to this article Weekly Episode: Las Vegas Eat With Melinda Scheckels | January 14, 2022 STARRINGLAS VEGAS: The Latest Las Vegas Connections on Your Screen The Las Vegas Natural History Museum Connects Visitors to the Past and Present

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