How to Speak French Like a Frenchman


Did you know that we use common French adverbs every day but don’t realize that? Did you know that the “French” accent is not an accent at all? What about the cedilla and the circumflex, two accents often seen in French words like café or vélo. So, if you’re ready to learn some essential vocabulary and start speaking like a “true” Frenchman (or woman), let’s get started! Learning how to speak French will open up a whole new world of understanding for you! This blog post will explain how to speak French like a native.

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Work on Your Pronunciation

The best way to sound like you know what you’re talking about is by working on pronunciation. It might seem a little obvious, but people usually forget this important detail when projecting authenticity in their speech or writing.

Omit Formal Language

You know that you don’t speak Jane Austen-style English, right? The chances are high for sounding like an elitist know-it-all or from the turn of the century time traveler. The French language is a fascinating one. So many different accents and words that can be used in so many ways to express yourself! But, did you know it’s not always easy for the average person to understand? That’s why we’ve got together this list of four tips on how best suit your needs from both formal or informal conversations:

  • Learning when to use tu and vous can be tricky, especially in a familiar situation. If you are close with someone or know them well enough, then more information about that person’s name-calling tone of voice should match their relationship status!
  • Don’t forget that tu is a contraction of the French words “to you.” When used in this way, use contracted forms such as t’as or tes with an accusative tone. Contracted tu must also be paired with certain verbs like ouvrir (open) when they start on vowels because these two don’t get along too well otherwise!
  • Are you tired of saying “I don’t know”? If so, this is the right blog post for you. Instead of using Je ne sais pas (literally translated as ‘I do not know’), try substituting with a phrase that will sound less formal and more personable: “Je sais pas.” This change in speech pattern can be very advantageous because it sounds less officious than its counterpart French statement does!
  • You can also switch up the word order and use this syntax: subject + verb > OR question word+subject+verb.

Work On Your Listening Skills

For the best chance at sounding like a native speaker, you must listen and speak. If your French conversations leave something desired when speaking back or forth with someone else in their language – even if they’re not actively correcting you – then there will be problems catching on among friends who don’t know each other very well yet!

There are some listening exercises to make sure your ears stay tuned in. You could also check out this guide on how we turned French into a habit for life.

Slang Can Make the Language Sound More Natural

You will find that learning French slang can be tricky, but the course has annotations on offensive and standard terms. This way, you won’t get into any unnecessary fights while simply trying out your newly learned language.

Foul words will help you gain extra street cred and even elicit a few laughs among your French-speaking friends (plus make others think that they’re listening in on an intense conversation).

Learn More Native Expressions

Indeed, French phrases are often used humorously. Some people say “ça joue la musique” (literally: this plays music) when they get what is coming to them, and others might refer to an eventful day as one belle boulette (a huge mess). What do you think?

If you’re searching for a method to boost your French, use free online websites for learning the language. They offer free audio lessons and blog posts covering all aspects of learning languages, like grammar and vocabulary lists. It is why no matter what level or how long ago it was since school ended, there’s something here sure to keep even veteran students entertained!

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