How to mint crypto and influence people


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If you’re looking for sound and impartial financial advice on investing in cryptocurrencies, social media “influencers” shouldn’t be your first port of call.

For the first time in the EU, Spain sprouted such an encounter on Monday and joined the national securities market committee. The power to regulate crypto advertising.. This measure will come into effect within a month, and influencers and their sponsors will need to notify authorities in advance of some posts, alert them to cryptographic risks, and impose fines. Singapore has also imposed new restrictions Cryptographic ads on Monday.

Spain’s new power was born after Watchdog clashed with football legend Andrés Iniesta in November over his paid promotion, lacking the usual risk warnings of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange. ..

In the United States, reality shows are alleged in a class proceeding filed this month. Celebrities such as TV star Kim Kardashian, boxer Floyd Mayweather and former NBA player Paul Pierce have soared the price of one cryptocurrency as part of a plan to enrich their supporters. At the expense of ordinary investors.

It claims that Ethereum Max proponents used a cash rush from Kardashian’s followers to sell a significant amount of tokens for profit and put the profit in their pockets before the price became a crater. ..

EthereumMax disagrees with the claim, Emphasize the tendency to worry Many retail investors offer non-traditional advice on investing in cryptocurrencies, where providers often pay large sums to promote certain digital assets.

Social media influencers are notorious Fire festival The 2017 scam and Alphaville remembered this as soon as they saw a recent Cryptoland video. This is a cartoon promoting the island of Fiji, set to be a paradise for cryptocurrency advocates.

At first, the video comes across as an in-joke-filled spoof, highlighting how crypto investments can represent another incarnation of the Ponzi scheme. but, As Alphaville points out Cryptoland featured 60 plots of land on the actual Nananu-i-cake island where you could “buy” and build a mansion via an NFT.

The video is widely ridiculed on the internet and Guardian Report The project seems to have stranded, and the deal to buy the island for $ 12 million has failed.

Regulation is necessary and unavoidable, but in the case of Cryptoland, social media itself seems to be an effective watchdog, warning future investors of what happened. Trouble in paradise..

Internet of Things (5)

1. Ukraine claims evidence of Russia’s cyberattack
Ukraine said There was evidence A cyberattack on Friday’s government website is likely carried out by Russia. “Moscow is continuing a hybrid war and is actively expanding the capabilities of information and cyberspace,” Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation said on Sunday.

2. Amazon cancels visa ban plan
Amazon has Suspend ban Starting this week, the two companies are working on a “potential solution” to a major controversy that could severely confuse shoppers for customers using Visa credit cards issued in the United Kingdom. The world’s largest online retailer announced a ban in November on the grounds of “high visa fees for processing credit card transactions” and advised customers to find new payment methods.

3. Sony sings everything, dances everything
Sony has new confidence. Report big lead.. The $ 157 billion symbol of Japanese companies may have been trying to achieve their ambitions for decades, but it has long avoided it. To become the most fully integrated entertainment company in the world.

4. Electricity beats diesel in Europe
Sales of electric vehicles in Europe surpassed diesel models for the first time in December, with more than one-fifth of new vehicles sold in 18 European markets (including the UK) powered by batteries only. Compiled data Shown for FT.

5. Wardle’s global success
I got it 3 times, almost 2 times today. Are you as crazy as I am in solving the daily 5 letter words posted by Wordle? Janine Gibson has an idea About its popularity and its inevitable impersonators.

Tech Week Destination

Thursday: Some analysts are watching streaming pioneers Netflix When reporting results, we are having trouble reaching the consensus expectations of 8.7 million new subscribers. This is mainly due to the following reasons. Intensifying competition From a companion who has been Spend a fair amount of money With new TV shows and movies. Investment research firm Moffett Nathanson last week lowered Netflix’s new subscriber quote from 9.6 million to 8.6 million in the fourth quarter.

The distribution application company Prospered during the pandemic — And recently during the desire to stay to avoid Omicron.Expect this to be reflected in transaction updates from Deliveroo..

Technical Tools — Balmuda Toaster Oven

Leo Lewis sings praise Balmuda “A really great oven toaster” In his latest column, Lamenting the failure to expand to smartphones. Pouring a small amount of water on top of the oven to generate steam to increase the water content of the toast seems to be its unique selling point, but there are many reasons not to buy a phone. Software issues, too plastic, more weedy processors than expected, and “unreasonably higher than the iPhone 13 mini” price tag.

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