How to get Nunavut Drivers Licence


The beautiful environment and stunning scenery of Nunavut is one for citizens and new residents to enjoy. To explore one of Canada’s most explosive growing provinces, a Nunavut drivers licence is essential.

There are different drivers licence classes in Nunavut depending on the vehicle you own and your driving expertise.

In this brief article we’ll explain:

  • Driving in Nunavut,
  • Nunavut drivers licence,
  • How to apply for a drivers licence in Nunavut, and
  • How to renew or replace a lost Nunavut drivers licence.

Driving in Nunavut

There are different vehicles you can use to commute within Nunavut, Canada. You can own a private vehicle, a motorcycle, truck, etc.

While you’ll generally need to be a licenced driver to operate most vehicles in Nunavut, there are some vehicles that you do not need a licence to operate e.g. dog sleds and snowshoes.

To drive other vehicles, however, you’ll need to apply and get licenced.

Four Driving Laws for Nunavut Drivers

Before we get to the main topic about Nunavut drivers licence, we must first discuss the four driving laws you must obey in Nunavut. Breaking them even out of ignorance is not an excuse.

Whether you’re a new driver or an experienced driver transferring from another province or country, you need to know and obey these four driving laws.

These laws will help you quickly become comfortable driving in Nunavut. Let’s start with number 1.

#1. No Drunk Driving

The law that punishes drunk driving in Nunavut has become very, very strict. If a driver is charged, there’ll be very severe consequences. Always refrain from driving after you’ve had some alcohol.

#2. Distracted Driving

Driving while operating handheld devices is banned nationwide. If you’re caught driving while using a device, you’ll probably end up with an immediate licence suspension.

#3 Obeying Speed Limits

This is another big one. Always be alert of speed limit changes around you. Defaulting could attract heavy fines and serious charges.

#4. Valid Drivers Licence

Before you step into an automobile or motorcycle in Nunavut, make sure you have your drivers licence on you. If you get caught driving without your licence, you will have to pay some fines.

Nunavut Drivers Licence

If you plan to drive an automobile or a motorcycle you are going to need to get licenced. Even though the province does not have a formal Driving Training school, it still requires that you get very good driving experience before you get licenced.

To apply for a drivers licence in Nunavut, you must be at least 15 years old. Teens and potential new drivers start with the lowest licence class, the class 7 or learners drivers licence.

You will first have to read the Nunavut drivers manual thoroughly and under general driving rules. When you think you’ve read them enough, you can go ahead and schedule an exam with an officer.

Preparing yourself for your exam is pretty easy. First, you should take an online sample exam to test your knowledge. The exam is free and gives you an invaluable taste of what to expect on your examination day.

Types of Nunavut Drivers Licences for Automobiles

There are two types of Nunavut drivers licences:

  1. The learners or class 7 drivers licence, and
  2. The class 5 drivers licence

#1. The Nunavut Learners or class 7 drivers licence

This is where every intending driver must start. You must be 16 years old to apply. The learner’s licence comes with a ton of restrictions. For example, you will need an adult driver to accompany you on the road. That driver must be an experienced driver with a Class 5 designation.

To apply for this licence, you’ll need to learn all Nunavut road signs and road rules. Afterwards, you sit for the Nunavut Learners licence test. Passing the test is the way to get a Class 7 license in Nunavut.

While studying your Nunavut drivers manual, you are encouraged to take free online practice tests. That way you see how well you’ll do when you sit for the actual test.

When you get your learners licence and rack up more training hours, you can move forward and apply for the class 5 drivers licence.

Restrictions on the Nunavut Class 7 licence

The learners or class 7 licence comes with some key restrictions. Some of them are:

#1. Supervised driving You must always be supervised by a class 5 authorized driver who must also sit in the front seat.

#2. No alcohol The alcohol in your blood must always be zero.

#3. Passenger seat belts All your passengers must don their seat belts. Only seats with working seat belts in your vehicle may be occupied.

#4. Nighttime driving Class 7 license restricts you from driving between midnight and 5 a.m.

#5. 8 Demerit Point Suspension Your class 7 licence will be fully suspended if you accumulate up to 8 demerit points.

#6. Keep practising the aim of this licence is to help you get as much practical driving experience as possible. So whenever possible, get on the road (with your supervisor) and increase your driving hours.

Who is eligible to apply for a Nunavut class 7 licence

To qualify for a Nunavut class 7 drivers licence, you must:

  • Be a resident of Nunavut,
  • Be 15 years of age or older (minors under 18 must provide parental/guardian consent),
  • Pass the written knowledge test,
  • Meet basic vision standards, and
  • Provide suitable identification (e.g. health care card, birth certificate, passport, etc.)

And you must also download, fill and submit the Nunavut Drivers licence application form.

#2. The Nunavut class 5 drivers licence

This licence allows you to drive without any restrictions or supervision. To get your class 5 licence, you first have to get the learners licence and sit for your class 5 test.

Who is eligible to apply for a Nunavut class 5 licence

To apply for a class 5 licence you must be a class 7 licence holder and must have been practising for at least one month.

How to Apply for a Driver’s Licence in Nunavut

We’re going to discuss the steps to apply for the learner’s licence and the class 5 drivers licence.

How to apply for a Nunavut class 7 or learners licence

The most essential requirement to get a class 7 licence is to learn all the road rules and signs.

Next, you should get some documents ready.

Documents required for your Nunavut class 7 licence writing test

You will need to provide:

  • Two government-issued identification documents as primary ID (with one showing your date of birth). E.g. citizenship, residency, or residency status, etc. and
  • A secondary ID showing your residence. (proof of residency document, your employment contract document containing your address, etc.)

Once, you’ve mastered the road signs and rules, and you have your documents prepared, follow these four simple steps to apply for a class 7 licence in Nunavut:

#1. Thoroughly Study The Nunavut Driver’s Manual
You can download the Nunavut Driver’s manual here or pick it up at any Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division office.

#2. Take the practice Nunavut Learners Tests
When you’re satisfied with your studies, it’s often a good idea to test your knowledge with the free class 7 online practice tests.

#3. Sit for the class 7 written test
You can sit for your class 7 written test in the nearest Motor Vehicles Services office.

#4. Ace your vision test
The vision tests examine how well you can recognise actual road signs from a considerable distance. This shouldn’t be a challenge!

NOTE: The new Nunavut Driver’s Licence fee is $68.40 (Or $38.40 if you’re 60 or older)

How to apply for a Nunavut class 5 drivers licence

Upgrading your class 7 licence to a class 5 is the final stage of getting a full Nunavut drivers licence without any driving restrictions.

Upgrade your class 7 drivers licence to a class 5 in two simple steps:

  1. Practice driving with a supervisor for at least one month,
  2. Ace your class 7 road test.

Class 5 drivers licence test preparation

It is always necessary to adequately prepare for your drivers’ license certification in advance to increase your chance of nailing it in the first attempt.

#1. Book your road test appointment well in advance

Contact your Nunavut drivers licencing office to schedule your road test.

#2. Prepare in advance of your test.

Brush up and put the finishing touches on your basic driving skills:

  • Starting and stopping,
  • Turning, reading signs/signals and proper lane driving, and
  • Driving through intersections.

What to expect in your class 5 licence test

You need to be able to demonstrate to the Nunavut office that you’ve mastered:

  • Driving through intersections,
  • Parking,
  • Identifying and navigating through hazards,
  • Road and traffic signs, and
  • How to identify and obey Nunavut driving laws and road rules

Class 5 licence test day must-dos!

On your test day, you must:

  • Arrive on time,
  • Bring at least two government-issued identification documents plus a third one that shows your date of birth,
  • Ensure your training vehicle is clean and roadworthy,
  • Present the registration and insurance documents for the vehicle you’ll bring for your test, and
  • Carry your class 7 learners licence along.

NOTE: If you pass your test for a class 5 driver’s licence in Nunavut, the upgrade fee is $15.40 (Or $12.40 if age 60 and older).

How to renew or replace a lost Nunavut drivers licence

If you lose your Nunavut drivers licence or want to renew an expired one, just follow the steps below;

#1. Download the lost/misplaced drivers licence application form.

#2. Fill the form correctly.

#3. Submit the form at your nearest Nunavut drivers licencing office, local Municipal Liaison Officer (MLO) or Government Liaison Officer (GLO).

You may also email the completed form to the Department of Economic Development and Transportation via [email protected]

For any inquiries or complaints, you can reach the department by phone at 867-975-7800.



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