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    How to Find Ganja Seeds

    As cannabis moves into the mainstream, consumers are becoming enamored with the idea of growing their own crops—whether it’s for medicinal or recreational use. Cannabis cultivation is an incredibly rewarding pastime, and growers love nurturing their plants from seed to harvest. While many start their crops with clones, buying seeds is an easy and cost-effective option.

    Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to find and buy ganja seeds. With our selection of autoflowering, feminized, and regular seeds, growers from all over the world will find what they are looking for.

    Seeds and the Law

    Local and state laws are one of the most important considerations when cultivating a cannabis crop. Before looking for ganja seeds, double- or triple-check your area’s laws on buying and growing cannabis products. If you’re in an area where home cultivation is legal, it’s possible to buy seeds from dispensaries—but an online vendor like provides a more affordable and discreet option.

    Choosing the Right Type of Seeds

    No matter how you go about purchasing ganja seeds, you’ll need to do some planning. The success of your crop and the size of the harvest depends largely on choosing the right seeds. Fortunately for home growers, today’s cannabis industry offers a wide range of seeds from which to choose. In the sections below, we’ll go over the factors you’ll need to consider when choosing cannabis seeds.

    Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica?

    With the popularity of cannabis breeding programs, there’s a nearly endless strain selection. Before buying ganja seeds, you’ll need to decide what type of crop to grow. While indica-dominant strains tend to yield short, bushy plants with short growth cycles, sativas do better in warm climates. Finally, hybrids combine the best traits of indica and sativa plants.

    Outdoor or Indoor Cultivation?

    Another question to ponder is whether you’ll grow the crop inside or outside. Growing ganja indoors allows you to fine-tune the climate and try seed strains that you may not consider otherwise. Outdoor growing comes with different concerns, including the growing season’s length. If you’re planning an outdoor crop, spend some time researching your chosen strains to ensure that they will thrive outside.

    Regular, Feminized, and Autoflowering Seeds

    If you’re browsing through our online seed catalogue, you’ll see a selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. An important part of buying seeds is learning about the differences between these three categories.

    When buying regular seeds, about half will produce male plants and the other half will grow into females. Therefore, using these seeds requires that you pay careful attention to the plants’ gender. Male plants will pollinate the females and lead them to produce seedy, low-quality buds.

    Conversely, feminized seeds are bred to produce only female plants. For most growers, these are the right kind of seeds to use. Autoflowering seeds have a short growth cycle, so they flower sooner and need less upkeep. These seeds are designed to flower based on age rather than the amount of light they receive.

    The Best Ganja Crops Start With the Right Seeds

    In most ways, buying top-quality seeds is like choosing other cannabis products. Even in areas where recreational and medicinal marijuana are legal, seeds are generally classed as cannabis products, just as oils, flower, and edibles are. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to seeds’ legal status in your location. With our selection of feminized, regular, and autoflowering ganja seeds, it’s never been easier to grow your own cannabis crop.

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