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    How to effectively clean the plastic in the car, and everything you need for work

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    Most of today’s car interiors feature some kind of plastic. Plastic is ideal for this purpose because it is cheap, lightweight and durable. However, like everything else in a vehicle, without regular maintenance, the plastic parts inside can quickly start to get dirty.Features of the above video AMMONYCLarry Kosilla takes a step-by-step process to quickly and safely clean the plastic inside, address common mistakes, and elaborate exactly what you need to do your project from start to finish. .. Below is a list of everything you might need for your project. Always keep in mind that the process can vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle, as each vehicle is different.

    CarGuys Super Cleaner-$ 16.99 on Amazon.com

    The first and perhaps most important thing you will need to start cleaning the plastic inside you is a good general cleaning solution! This multi-purpose cleaner works on all inside and outside of the vehicle except glass or instrument panel screens. This is a great first step to cleaning the plastic inside you and it is mixed and bottled in the United States.

    Amazon Basic Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 12 “x16” (24 packs) -13.95 dollars

    You will need something to wipe the cleaning solution off the plastic. As is often the case with car cleaning, microfiber towels are my best friend here. After spraying the cleaning solution on the plastic, wipe it off with a good quality microfiber towel. If you need new towels in your garage, in most cases these are well worth the money.

    Detail Dude Bore Hair Ultra Soft Car Detail Brush (Set of 3)-$ 15.99 (6% off)

    A good fine bristle brush can help when dealing with stubborn stains on plastic. This set of three brushes, specially made for car detail, should be more than enough to support this project and many other projects.

    Auto Fiber Scrub Ninja Interior Scrub Sponge (5 “x 3”)-$ 12.95

    If you need a little more force to complete the task, you can consider using such a scrub pad with a plastic cleaner and using only light to moderate pressure during scrubbing. Pay particular attention to such accessories to prevent accidental wiping and removal of pigments and pigments. colour From plastic.

    Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner for floors, cars, homes, etc.-$ 149.78 (25% off)

    If you have access to a steam cleaner, it can be a secret weapon when it comes to cleaning the plastic inside you. You may not want to wrap the nozzle in a microfiber towel and exceed moderate nozzle pressure, but steaming the plastic will help eliminate bacteria and bacteria that may otherwise survive. AutoblogGreg Rasa, Editor-in-Chief of, picked up this Dupray steam cleaner for car wash and described the product as follows:

    “I bought Duprey after our excellence Autoblog details The video series showed how effective steam cleaning is for automobiles. Although there are many steamships on the market, Dupray manufactures expensive commercial aircraft, and this home version was well received at an affordable price. Heated to 275 degrees, it has a 50 minute run time, a sleek and compact design, many tools, and a high quality feel. I’ve had it for just a few weeks, but with hardwood floors, vaporized hazy buildups from windows, and disinfected granite countertops. It’s almost as fun as a high pressure washer. Steam power, baby. ”

    How to effectively clean the plastic in the car, and everything you need for work

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