How to clean up and optimize your Mac


Keep Your Mac Clean and Optimized for Better Performance

Macs are beautiful and sophisticated and if you keep them clean and optimized they’ll give you years of service and a great computing experience. The question is how do we accomplish this task? Read on and discover tips to keep your Mac optimized and functioning well.

These expert tips from  Clean my Mac should keep your Mac running fast and clutter free.

Top Tips for Cleaning and Optimizing Your Mac

Use the Best OS You Can

One thing to keep your Mac fast is to ensure you’re using the best, i.e. most current OS that your machine can handle. If your Mac is running slow this could be one of the reasons why. Keeping your Mac operating optimally is not one quick fix but rather lots of things coming together to keep it in the best condition possible.

Upgrading your Mac’s OS is a very good place to start.

When you come to do it you’ll discover that it is a lengthy time consuming process so do it overnight or when you’re out and about.

Use the Most Current Version of Your Apps

Once you’ve done the OS switch your attention to your apps especially if you’ve upgraded the OS to the best version you can. Newer versions of your app bring bug fixes, speed efficiency and new features. All of which you’re probably missing out on if you’re using outmoded apps.

In the Apple menu, you’ll find that nearly every app you have has a ‘Check for Updates’ feature.

Use Only the Apps You Need

It is good practice and a good habit to get into is to have open only the apps you need. Every open app is draining resources and slowing down your Mac. The more resources used the more stress your device is under and this can and does slow down your Mac.

If you can get into this habit you’ll find overall that you’ll enjoy a better computing experience.

Launch Only the Apps You Need at Startup

You have no doubt noticed that when you switch on your Mac several apps launch straight away. Some are needed and some are not. By preventing unnecessary apps from launching at startup your Mac will boot faster and run better.

To prevent Apps from launching it is a straightforward process and won’t take up too much of your time.

Go to:

  • System Preferences
  • Select Users & Groups
  • Select your username
  • Click Login Items
  • Select the items that you know you don’t need launching when you switch on your Mac
  • Click the “-“ at the bottom to prevent them from launching
  • Reboot

Clean out the Caches

Cache is data that collects every time you browse the web or open an app. It is generally useful data that helps your Mac run faster and loads websites more quickly. Problems can occur as apps and websites update and the cached data comes into conflict as it was collected by previous versions of apps and web pages.

There are three areas of cache to cleanout.

  • Browser
  • System
  • App(User)

Clear out unneeded cache for a better experience.

For more information see Apple Support.

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