How to Choose the Best iPad Keyboard Cases


As iPads become more powerful and apps get more advanced, they seem ready to replace laptops for many users. While the latest iPad models are more powerful than many of the computers on the market now, typing on the iPad’s touchscreen is no longer an ideal situation for some users. External keyboards can make the transition easier. If you use your iPad regularly, you likely use a standing case for protection and an external keyboard for improving typing speed and functionality. So why not combine both, and get an iPad keyboard case?

What Is Better about a Physical iPad Keyboard?

When you buy an iPad keyboard case, you know that your case and keyboard will work together to provide you with the protection and practicality you need. There’s no denying the speed and efficiency of a physical keyboard. Plus, virtual iPad keyboards don’t have the same feel as physical iPad keyboards. Over time, you may have grown accustomed to the feel of keys under your fingers, and you don’t get that same feeling when you use virtual keys.

If you do your fair share of typing, then you need a keyboard for your iPad. When considering an iPad keyboard case, remember that you purchased an iPad to make things easier. A case that folds out to reveal a keyboard will do just that. Let’s talk about why you might need an iPad keyboard case and what you should consider when searching for an iPad keyboard.

Reasons You Might Need an iPad Keyboard Case

You didn’t buy an iPad so you would have to worry about maintaining a cluster of cords or other external devices. If you wanted to worry about a variety of cords and devices, you could have purchased a laptop. You bought an iPad because you wanted something that was easy to use, compact, and hassle-free.

An iPad keyboard case can fold up just like a regular iPad case, and you will not have to worry about added cords and external devices. If you buy an external keyboard that’s separate from the case, you’ve just given yourself something else to carry. You’ll have a few things to carry, instead of just one thing. You didn’t buy an iPad to reach into your bag or backpack to pull out multiple objects. You bought an iPad so you can just pull out your iPad that is being protected with a built-in keyboard case.

An iPad keyboard case is both a cover and keyboard. However, what advantages do keyboard cases offer? Do you really need it? 

You Want to Make Typing Easier 

While the large touchscreen of an iPad works nicely, when making notes during a meeting, the touchscreen may not type comfortably. A physical iPad keyboard case offers a solution for this.

You Want an Alternative to Your Laptop

With an iPad keyboard case, you can turn your iPad into a laptop. With iPad keyboard cases being manageable and lightweight, you can easily take it with you on the go.

You Want to Protect Your iPad

One of the advantages of using an iPad keyboard case is that the keyboard offers added protection. When you place your iPad in your bag, the cover of the keyboard protects your device.

You Want Quick Access

An iPad with a keyboard case will be ready to use right away. As soon as you click your iPad onto the keyboard case, your iPad will be connected. You don’t have to worry about any external cables.

What Features Are Important for an iPad Keyboard?

 Okay, so you’re thinking about buying a keyboard case for your iPad. What kind of iPad keyboard case should you get? It’s important to consider the features you’ll need and find a keyboard that matches. Otherwise, you may find yourself purchasing and returning iPad keyboard cases that don’t suit your needs. Evaluating the features of iPad keyboard cases can also help you determine whether you need a keyboard case in the first place. What features should you consider when selecting an iPad keyboard case?

”There are a few factors worth considering when choosing the best iPad Keyboard cases. Budget, durability, and use should be considered. If budget isn’t a concern, I recommend the Apple Magic Keyboard. It turns your iPad into a powerful laptop and is a great experience. For more budget-conscious circumstances, I would consider the Logitech Rugged keyboard. It is very capable and will protect your iPad. It’s possible that you want to skip the keyboard folio altogether and get a standalone keyboard. That is another great option and you can utilize that keyboard across multiple devices. Depending on your need and use case, there is a great keyboard out there that will make your iPad a joy.”

-Holden Watne | Business Development, Generation IX Technologies, provider of Managed IT services in Los Angeles

For iPad keyboards, I usually recommend looking for weight and power ratings. Weight matters a lot since you will be carrying it around and want to make sure it’s not bulky. Since you are using an iPad on the go, ensure you are not using a keyboard that’s power-hungry. Typically, going with a good brand will ensure this, but best to keep an eye on the power rating to avoid wondering why you have to keep charging your iPad every 4 hrs.”

-Ashu Singhal | President and Orion Networks in Columbia, MD

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’re thinking of giving up on the concept of an iPad keyboard case and just want to get a regular case. That’s fine if you don’t plan on using your iPad regularly or if you only use your iPad to watch YouTube videos. However, if you use your iPad for office work, writing, or personal emailing, you’ll want an iPad keyboard case. An iPad keyboard case increases your typing efficiency and is certainly worth it, so certainly take your time to find the right iPad case that comes with a keyboard.

Did you find this helpful? We hope this has helped you in your search for an iPad keyboard case.

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