How to beat the casinos in Las Vegas


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Las Vegas is a huge moneymaking machine, designed with the sole purpose of separating you from your hard-earned cash as quickly as possible. Glitzy casinos, sparkling slot machines and exotic resort hotels are all focussed on getting you on to their gaming tables to play, and preferably to lose. But it doesn’t have to be this way; you can beat the casino at their own game by simply not playing those games in the first place.

The important thing to remember is that you can play the tables anywhere, anytime with Unibet casino, but only Las Vegas has such a huge range of famous art and world class artists for you to enjoy. So why waste your time with your head down at the tables or the slots, when you can look around and take it all in, often completely free of charge.

The main attractions

Vegas is a hugely competitive market, and the casinos go to great lengths to try to stand out from the crowd. The idea is that by providing a free show, some incredible artworks or some other unique experience, they will draw people in, who will then stay and play. These attractions are usually free because the casinos make their money on the gaming tables.

Take the Bellagio Hotel for example. They recently hit the headlines by selling some of their Picasso paintings for $110million. They key word here is some; they still have plenty more Picasso works for you to see, without paying exorbitant gallery or museum entrance fees. What’s more they now have millions of dollars to invest in new artworks.

You can tour the world for free too, taking in everything from the canals of Venice to the Eiffel Tower and even the Pyramids of Egypt all in one day. The Streetmosphere at the Grand Canal Shoppes is not to be missed, with free entertainment and roaming street performers.

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(Caption: You can see the world in a day in Las Vegas)

Something for everyone

Whatever your interests, you’ll find a Vegas hotel or casino laying it on for free to try and lure you in. From the wildlife at the Flamingo to the erupting volcano at the Mirage, from the sound and light show at the Lake of Dreams to the Bellagio’s beautiful botanical gardens. There’s also circus shows, magic shows and more, all with free entry or very low ticket prices.

If you fancy taking in a show, you will be spoiled for choice, with a bigger line up than Live Aid to choose from, all within a few minutes’ walk. Currently you can see huge stars like Shania Twain, Santana, Barry Manilow and Foo Fighters, alongside classic acts like Journey and Santana. You can even experience Whitney Houston in concert via a hologram show. Clubbers can enjoy some of the biggest DJs in the world on the dancefloors of Vegas, plus there’s magic to go with the music, from the likes of Penn and Teller, and top-class circus shows from Cirque du Soleil.

These world-class shows are not free, but the huge choice in one place makes Los Vegas unique. It would almost be a crime to waste your time stuck in a windowless casino when there is so much else to see and do, all laid on by the casinos just for you.

Take advantage

Remember, there is no obligation to play at the casino just because you have watched their free entertainment or enjoyed their artworks. Enough players are lured in by theshows and attractions, that the casinos are quite happy if a few people take advantage. So, before you head off to Nevada, make sure you check out all the things you can do when you get there. By the time you’ve finished making your list, you’ll probably find that there are so many other things you want to do.


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