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    How to assess and strengthen the health of your business – TechCrunch

    Understand health Most of your business starts with a customer focus: Do you offer breakthrough value to your customers? Is it worth the time and effort to outperform other solutions and have potential customers switch to you? Is it worth it to be so clear and one step ahead that they don’t consider other solutions?

    That is the most important and promotes long-term growth.

    So how do you measure its success and growth? Must exceed surface level numbers. You need to know the metrics that show what is happening in every aspect of your business. This is deeper than average. The average is liar and can be dangerously misleading.

    Consider a scenario. When Jeff Bezos steps into a bar of 100 people, suddenly, on average, each individual’s net worth in that bar exceeds $ 1 billion. Is it useful? Does it guide you to do the right thing? No — The average hides true insights.

    It’s particularly nice to look at revenue and revenue growth by product, customer segment, and region, and it’s useful to focus only on overall indicators and averages such as revenue and growth. ..

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    This was experienced at Intercom. The segmented indicators looked good, but there were hidden insights that prevented us if we didn’t find them and made deliberate changes.

    Health Examination Time: Diagnose the health of your income

    So what deep insights do we need to look for and how do we find them? One of the most useful indicators that can be seen to gain deeper insights is the soundness of revenue by segment.

    All businesses track and report their total revenue, but you also need to understand the health of your revenue. Revenue health is one way to see the continuous value you are providing to your customers, in addition to indicators such as the net promoter score.

    Hidden insights … would have kept us away if we hadn’t found them and made deliberate changes.estimate Karen Peacock

    For SaaS businesses, track and report annual recurring revenue. The best way to measure revenue integrity is Total Revenue Retention (GRR) and Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

    Retaining Total Revenue is the ability to retain customers and their revenue from them. To calculate the GRR, subtract the churn rate of the revenue during the period from the total revenue at the beginning of the period, minus the reduction of the revenue during the period (customers who are with you but pay less). Subtract and divide everything by total revenue as follows: The start of the period.

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