How the UK’s health service is battling to win Covid booster race


Boris Johnson announces that by the end of the month, Covid-19 boosters will be available to everyone over the age of 18 in the UK, creating a desperate competition between vaccines and highly contagious variants of Omicron. At that time, the impact on the country was immediately apparent.

Dr. Mayura Balasubramaniam, an NHS urologist who oversees vaccination at a partner pharmacy in Greenwich, south of London, recalled just hours after the staff opened the store on Monday. JohnsonWith a dramatic television pledge, they faced a line that meandered more than half a mile around the block.

Balasubramaniam worked with the team until 4am to prepare for the next day’s vaccination, then started a 12-hour stint at 9am and surged to 700 jabs per day. “As long as there is still a supply of vaccine, we will vaccinate everyone until there are no more people,” he said.

Classic David vs. Goliath from British history, with the mobilization of the entire British medical service, supported by the military and thousands of volunteers, in a week when the infection doubles about every two days to reach record levels. The metaphor has been revived.

Charity’s strategic manager, Gale Fentyman, who was waiting with his partner for a third booster jab at the pharmacy on Thursday, reflected the rising mood of the people. “We’ve reached a place where Covid has accepted that it’s part of our daily lives and you have to keep going, and now we’re scared again,” she said.

With Britain at the epicenter of a global pandemic, other countries are closely watching their response in preparation for the full impact of new stocks.

Dr. Mayura Barasbramaniam (right), pharmacy partner Amal Ziani, and volunteer father Vali © Daniel Lynch / FT

However, victory is not guaranteed. On Thursday, a record 745,000 booster shots became a weapon. Evidence of a surge of about 513,000 delivered on Monday and an extraordinary effort catalyzed by Johnson’s announcement.

To reach the goal, and to withstand the possibility of overtaking the already dominant tensions across the country’s Swath, the NHS needs to maintain a daily run rate of 1m, which it has not yet achieved.

You have to do this while fighting supply constraints and exhausted staff in some areas. Medical services also suffer from a record unprocessed portion of treatment, some of which is virtually allowed to be set aside to focus on the jab until the end of the month.

The typical text given to the patient is from the West Midland Group and is pointed out as follows: This means that during December, emergency care can only be provided at our clinic. ”

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On the other hand, some of the front lines are dissatisfied with the fact that new, more demanding targets have sprung up on them with minimal warning. “Booster bounce”.

Some people say, “Yes, this is the right thing to do, so I really want to do it.” But I don’t want to do that to save Boris’s neck, “said one GP leader, a self-identifying conservative voter.

In just five days of the accelerated campaign, more practical frustration is emerging. Hospitals, pharmacies, and mass vaccination centers all play that role, but most of the campaign is run by a group of general practitioners known as primary care networks that treat up to 50,000 patients.

However, according to reports from all over the country, supply shortages caused by distribution rather than manufacturing problems are hindering the development of the program.

One GP, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he and his colleagues requested 25,000 doses, but only 3,000 were offered before the planned weekend blitzkrieg. He was able to secure the amount he requested after he “smelled”, but next week’s supply was still very uncertain, he said.

Graph showing daily reported cases in the UK have so far jumped to the highest levels in a pandemic

“We were all told that this was a call for action and we were told to do this as quickly as possible, but there are many problems with supply … bureaucratic and bureaucratic. And the reaction is inadequate, “he added.

Someone close to the vaccination campaign said, “Overall, there is a feeling that there may be sufficient aggregate supply, but timely distribution of them nationwide will be a major challenge.” rice field.

However, an NHS spokesman said, “Despite the very high demand for jabs, jabs are now available to everyone in need of jabs, and more than 2 million people have received boosters since Monday. I will. “

Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: “We haven’t heard about supply issues at the national level. We are confident that the supply of vaccines for booster programs is good.”

However, in order to have a proper plan and to be able to protect as many people as possible from the virus, all vaccination sites should have “clear and timely contact about when vaccine supplies will be available”. He added that it is important to receive.

Some think that the challenge wouldn’t have been so overwhelming if the booster program had a faster start when the booster program started in mid-September, initially when they were in their 50s. Within a few weeks, it became clear that the new cohort was qualifying six months after the second dose and was unable to maintain its pace.

Vaccinated at the Covid-19 Vaccination Center in Ramsgate, Kent
Vaccinated at the Covid-19 Vaccination Center in Ramsgate, Kent © Gareth Fuller / PA

In October, Emily Lawson, who carried out the first successful vaccine deployment, from her new role as head of delivery unit No. 10 to show that the government is focusing on the program. I was dispatched. Performance has improved significantly.

Wigan’s public health director and Manchester leader, Kate Ardan, is a booster as fewer people move forward in the first and second jabs before the program begins, and fewer pools qualify for the top. Suggested that the deployment of was slowed down. Up shot.

“My perception was that the pace was flat .. .. around the national message and encouragement people [to come forward] During the summer, “she said.

In Manchester, vaccination staff still have mountains that are difficult to climb. According to Ardan, 890,000 boosters were given, with the remaining 913,000 remaining. This is “equivalent to about 50,000 or more vaccines a day.”

“It will be very difficult to achieve. [Vaccination teams] I will do my best. .. .. You are basically thinking of running a 7 day service with people who work 12 to 16 hours a day. This is a daunting task, especially at this time of the year, “she said.

But the extraordinary scale-up of this week’s program is a testament to the strength of the spirit at the forefront. Jane Jacob, a nurse who retired on the first day of volunteering at a Greenwich pharmacy, said it was encouraging to see so many people gathering.

“As a nurse, you can’t just wait and do anything,” she said. “You have to help.”

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