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    How one startup is shaking up the consumer trading boom – TechCrunch

    Welcome to TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startup and market newsletter.It is inspired by Daily TechCrunch + Column It is the origin of the name. Want to put it in your inbox every Saturday?sign up here..

    Happy Saturday, everyone.There is an indicator Mountain Although it passes today. Below are notes on attractive startup rounds in the consumer fintech market, notes from the low code world in a earnings day interview with Appian CEO Matt Calkins, and IPO, Kidas venture capital rounds, public quick hits. Indicates. Buildings and NFTs. Alright, let’s go!

    How a startup is rocking the consumer trading boom

    Robin hood Riding the wave of consumer interest With investment and transactions All the way to the public market..apart from Recent setbacksThe company has left evidence of how interested it is in the market not only to buy stocks, but also to trade more exotic options.

    I’m talking about the latter today. Optional AIA decentralized startup affiliated with Chicago has raised $ 4.1 million in seed rounds. When I came back with the members of the founding team, I knew the company for a while, but didn’t have the opportunity to write much about it.

    Financing from three major investors, Akuna Capital, Miami International Holdings and Optiver Principal Strategic Investments, has made it fit for our mission.

    Options are complex in nature, and many who approach trading varieties lack the tools and sophistication to make good choices when they dive. If you doubt me there, ask your trading friends about their option strategies. It will be an example conversation.

    Optional AI has built tools to make traders better look They trade before they run them and make better choices when it comes to multi-leg options and more. It’s a pretty neat tool and as someone who hasn’t for a long time understood how options trading works and is priced, it helped me bother.

    But better charting is just one of the reasons OptionsAI got my attention.The other reason is that charging For trade. The transaction cost of this startup is a flat $ 5. This means that they are swimming against the promotion of free trading that Robin Hood and Weble have pursued in recent years.

    Today’s option AI works with equity options, but told Exchange that it could add crypto and futures options in time. The company describes the current moment as plunging its head from where it’s been built and tested. The content shows that early traction and user data are working on something. Certainly the new investor agrees.

    Data points about options before proceeding. why Are major consumer trading platforms so interested in options trading? Because it is as profitable as all hell.For example, options trading generated $ 64 million Robin Hood in the third quarter of 2021.. Stock trading brought me $ 50 million. It’s a big business.

    And with flat rates and PFOF revenue, Options AI can build a fairly attractive market position if enough people are available. Who are the target users of the startup? I count people who have started trading but want a little more specialized tools. And Robin Hood’s numbers indicate that there could be a significant number of those users.

    More if you narrow down the option AI to trade growth data.

    Shake the SaaS pricing market

    Mainly TechCrunch Investigated the discussion about SaaS pricing Through the lens subscription versus on demand Also Usage base Pricing scheme. This is a good window to see the evolution of the market as many startups today are born as APIs where on-demand pricing makes more sense. There is also SaaS fatigue in the market.

    input Apian, Doing something a little different. This week, I caught up with the company’s CEO, Matt Calkins. Company financial results announcementWe expect to chat mainly about the low code market, process automation, and process mining. We talked about them — Appian works with a set of software connections that allow customers to mine processes for automation, designing them as needed, and then helping them automate. — But we talked about pricing.

    Appian has put together what is called Unlimited Pricing. This is a type of SaaS that has an unlimited usage limit. SaaS is often priced per sheet or per application, but Calkins et al. I’m trying something like a combination of the good points of SaaS and on-demand. More simply, by charging a flat rate for one year’s service and not restricting its use, the company is bold to effectively use many of Appian’s services to its customers and be platform-aware.

    Calkins has unnaturally revealed to CEOs of public companies that unlimited plans can offer very good deals to some customers. Calkins said he likes to “innovate” pricing, with an unlimited pricing model that allows customers to build large numbers of products using Appian tech for less than another pricing mechanism. Insisted that he might pay. Let them go all-in using that technology.

    At that point, Appian will acquire long-term customers who can generate profitable top lines. It’s not a bad deal.

    IPO summary

    Did Golly gee want an IPO? summary:

    • HashiCorp has applied for publication, we will delve into that number You can find it here..
    • AllBirds set the price of the DTC IPO above the range and added more points when it opened the deal.Price memo here, Financial coverage here..
    • NerdWallet has set the price of the IPO midrange before trading higher. Since then, there is no basis for it, but the debut was still terrible.Financial compensation here When here.. (And yell at ex-TechCruncher Felicia Shiva Kumar, He used to be a very talented person who shot your current scribe launching a TC video show, but now he’s also working at Nerd Wallet! )
    • Nubank has applied for publication. I first looked at some of that economics. You can find it here..
    • Bird SPAC transaction completed, And it didn’t have number one first day..
    • And finally, Backblaze Set the first pricing note for your own IPOGiven the company’s traditional revenue scale, I found it attractive.

    Various, miscellaneous

    • Kidas The startup I came across this week is working with my parents to keep their kids safe in an online gaming environment.It raises just $ 2 million and adds to it Modest funding record.. The company told The Exchange, “Unleashing new information for parents that can’t be obtained otherwise, which allows them to better connect with their children through what they like.” rice field.
    • I will never Excited Whatever makes a subordinate’s authority over digital activities clearer, parents want some oversight given the proliferation of communication methods in the gaming world.
    • In particular, startups say they don’t interfere with gameplay, so they don’t trigger anti-cheat software. For real It is important.
    • I’ll talk more about the company later, but it’s based in Philadelphia, which I dug.
    • The building is open to the public: Not in our IPO section, but the startups I’m passively tracking LEX Capital Markets Only one building has been opened to the public. The company has a really neat model. Worth a peek.
    • And finally, Extend recent NFT coverage,mythology Raised $ 150 million For the game that injected that NFT. Perhaps that’s where the NFT winds are heading.


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