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    How old is the General Sherman tree?

    The famous General Sherman Tree is known as the largest living single-stem tree on the planet.

    The giant Sequoia is located in a huge forest in Sequoia National Park in Turea County. California..


    General Sherman Tree in CaliforniaCredits: Getty-Contributors

    How old is General Sherman Tree?

    General Sherman’s tree is now known as the largest living tree and is thought to be about 2,300 to 2,700 years old.

    General Sherman is the largest living tree today, but not the largest historically recorded tree.

    General Sherman is named after General William Sherman of the Civil War.

    Over 90,000 cubic feet, almost twice the volume of General Sherman, the Lindsey Creek tree is reported to have collapsed in 1905 due to a storm.

    Why was General Sherman’s tree wrapped in a fireproof blanket?

    Firefighters wrapped General Sherman’s base in a fire-resistant blanket in an attempt to save a famous tree as wildfires continued to devastate the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

    Glossy materials commonly used to protect structures that help control flames are rarely applied to natural features.

    Aluminum wrapping can withstand intense heat for a short period of time.

    Still, the crew fighting the KNP Complex fire in Sequoia National Park said they were doing everything they could to protect the iconic trees.

    “It really shows that Giant Forest’s iconic Monark Sequoia is a special priority for parks and incident management teams,” said firefighting spokesman Rebecca Patterson.

    This week, a fire in the KNP complex, consisting of two lightning-burning flames, forced evacuation from the park.

    According to fire authorities, a colony fire, one of the two burning in Sequoia National Park, was expected to reach a 2,000-sequoia forest, the Giant Forest, at some point in the next few days.

    Wrapping was applied only to the roots of tall trees that stretched hundreds of feet into the sky.

    “It can’t be raised as much as 100 feet because it’s only applied by firefighters on the ground,” Patterson said.

    “The idea is to prevent the ground from catching fire on the trees that are closest to the ground and are most likely to burn.”

    However, despite special precautions, the fire did not spread significantly on September 16 as a layer of smoke reduced the spread of the morning, said Katie Hooper, a fire spokeswoman. rice field.

    “Fortunately, there aren’t many canopy fires or large, dramatic fires today, especially because the behavior of fires is so mild,” Patterson said on September 17.

    “It was pretty slow, retreating and creeping.”

    General Sherman


    General Sherman’s tree was wrapped in a refractory blanket as fire authorities tried to save the famous Sequoia from wildfires in the area.Credit: AP

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