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    How can you get your reputation as a good student back if you’ve lost it?

    It is very easy to lose the reputation of a responsible student: it is enough to skip classes a few times, not do homework or chat with a classmate. But to restore the good attitude of the teacher is very difficult, but possible. If you follow our recommendations, you can not only return to the old relationship but also make it even better.

    Be active

    Many teachers believe that the good student is not the one who knows the most, but the one who is the most active. Take notes in your notebook, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and answer questions.If you can’t keep up with the lecture while taking notes, ask the teacher for a copy of the notes.If you don’t understand something in class, ask if you can meet with the teacher during lunch or after class to get clarification.

    Be polite

    Show good manners in a class by making eye contact when the teacher speaks directly to you, saying “please” and “thank you,” apologizing if necessary, and adhering to the following rules:

    • Do not interrupt the teacher. If you want to clarify something, either raise your hand or wait for the lecturer to finish a thought. It is better to do both.
    • Pay attention to the way other students are asked to leave. Some teachers require you to raise your hand and ask for permission, while others are annoyed and ask you to do it silently so as not to interrupt the class.

    Ask questions

    If you don’t understand something and want clarification, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Try not to elaborate on the facts that are in the textbook (dates, formulas, etc.), as this can put you in a bad light. Questions should involve clarification, such as why an event is important; in what areas a given formula can be applied, etc.

    Don’t be afraid to ask if you think your question is silly. Chances are there are a couple of others in the class just like you.By asking questions relevant to the topic of the class, you show that you are listening to the instructor.

    Participate in the discussions

    If the teacher asks a question and you know the answer, raise your hand. If you disagree with what another student or teacher says, don’t be afraid to offer arguments in your favor. Do it politely and calmly.

    Participate in discussions, but do not do so to the detriment of your classmates. Don’t shout out answers or speak up every time the teacher addresses the group. Allow other students to speak as well.

    Ask for references

    If you want to look like a diligent and interested student, ask the instructor for materials that will help you better understand the discipline. Have him or her recommend extracurricular literature, share lectures, or suggest some additional courses. Perhaps the teacher will advise you to contact a good tutor. If you decide to follow the insistence, be sure to tell the tutor who recommended it to you.

    Get involved in university life

    Participate in extracurricular student activities whenever possible. Try something you might enjoy, whether it’s athletics, drama, debate, the school newspaper, a yearbook academic club in a discipline. This will show the instructor that you are interested in university activities and are willing to spend time and effort outside of school.

    • If there is no club you are interested in, create one. Check the university’s policy on student organizations and find like-minded people to get involved. You can ask a faculty member to help organize, give advice, or refer you to the “right” people on campus.
    • Take on some kind of leadership position at the university: headteacher, editor of the student newspaper, etc. This will show that you’re great at organizing, managing, and using your time wisely.

    Be equally good in all classes

    Teachers talk to each other, including discussing students. Try to perform equally in all classes, otherwise, teachers will feel dissonance: why are you great in some classes and disgusting in others? In addition, it can be thought that you are a hypocrite, and this is not good for your reputation.

    Do your homework

    A good attitude from the teaching staff does not fall from the sky, you have to try for it. Any way you look at it, the best way is to do your homework responsibly, whether it’s creating a presentation, preparing an essay, or solving a lab. Even if for some reason you can’t do your homework, take care to get research paper writing help in time. If you slack off, your reputation will go down, and you are pursuing the opposite goal.

    Never intimidate anyone

    No one likes boors and bullies, especially teachers. Avoid not only physical violence but also harsh words and expressions to those around you. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them or talk to someone in authority. This is not only polite but also shows the faculty that you respect your peers.


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