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    How better funding can increase the number and diversity of doctoral students

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    When the PhD in Education introduced a comprehensive funding package that covered tuition fees, it led to an increase in the number of applicants. The increase in the share of black applicants and registrants was particularly noticeable.

    according to it New research Was announced in AERA open, American Educational Research Association peer-reviewed open access journal.I did research with my co-authors Chris Bennett, Kenny Nene Hasser When Miragros Castillo-Montoya..

    Funds provided to Doctoral course Applicants in the form of fellowships in a two-application cycle included a four-year free tuition. The applicants were about to enter the Faculty of Education at a large public research university in the northeast. College tuition was $ 15,000 for students in the state and $ 35,000 for students outside the state. In addition to covering tuition fees, fellowships include a guaranteed scholarship of $ 22,000 to $ 24,000 for research assistant work, conference trips, and heavily funded health insurance. I did.

    Due to state budget constraints, college funding for this fellowship is Applicant group. Nevertheless, this allowed us to compare these two groups with the previous and next groups. We were also able to compare applicants to other university-wide programs that are not eligible for fellowship.In the first year of program, The total number of applications increased by 28% from 133 to 170. In addition, the percentage of black program applicants increased from 4.5% to 11.2%.

    Financial concerns are paramount for students considering applying for a PhD important barrier.. This is especially true for black and Latino families. Less than wealth..Black students face a much higher level Student loan debt Than average Caucasian student..According to a survey, Latin students are generally I hate borrowing student loans more From other groups.

    Given the Relative Not enough of Diversity in University facultyInitiatives to attract students from currently undervalued groups in doctoral programs bring great benefits to society. This is because doctoral students are often in a position to advance their scientific knowledge and facilitate discussions on culture, politics, and so on. According to the survey, researchers in the demographically underestimated group Innovate more In research.

    In addition, some universities are in states where affirmative action is banned. Given the restrictive nature of such a ban, it is worth noting that the PhD fellowship program was race-neutral. In other words, in this case, race and ethnicity did not determine who received the fellowship.However, this PhD fellowship may provide one way for universities to grow, especially given the significant impact of fellowships on black students. student Diversity in doctoral programs, even in the face of restrictions imposed by affirmative action bans and other restrictions on initiatives that are clearly based on race or ethnicity.

    Two years after the PhD Fellowship Program, the Faculty of Education discontinued fellowships for future groups due to financial constraints.

    After the fellowship ended, the number of applications and registrations, as well as racial or ethnic diversity, returned to the same number as before. For example, the percentage of new registrants who were black dropped from 22% to 10% in the first year after the end of the fellowship.Given the research Black and Latino students in particular suggest emphasizing programs with a comprehensive and supportive environment when deciding where to apply. fellowship I stayed there for a longer time.

    Internal medicine residents apply for a fellowship during a pandemic

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