How AI is set to evolve in 2022


Ubtech Walker X Robot will play Chinese chess at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on July 8, 2021 in Shanghai, China.

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Machines are getting smarter year by year, but artificial intelligence hasn’t yet responded to the hype created by some of the world’s largest tech companies.

AI excels at certain narrow tasks such as playing chess, but struggles to do multiple things well. For example, a 7-year-old child has far more intelligence than any AI system today.

“AI algorithms are suitable for approaching individual tasks or tasks with slight volatility,” he said. Meta AI (formerly Facebook AI Research) told CNBC.

“But the real world has a lot of potential for change, which is a dynamic that we’re not good at capturing within training algorithms and creates fragile intelligence,” he added.

AI researchers are beginning to show that there are ways to efficiently adapt AI training methods to changing environments and tasks, resulting in more robust agents, Grefenstette said. He believes that this year there are more industrial and scientific applications of such methods that produce a “significant leap.”

AI has a long way to go before something like human-level intelligence is achieved, Google, Facebook (Meta) and Amazon From search engines and voice assistants The so-called “Metaverse” aspect.

Beth Singler, an anthropologist studying AI and robots at the University of Cambridge, told CNBC that the claims about the effectiveness and reality of AI in the space currently labeled as the Metaverse are more money in the region. He said it would become more common in 2022 as it is invested. And the general public begins to recognize “Metaverse” as a term and concept.

Singler also warned in 2022 that the impact of the Metaverse on people’s “identities, communities, and rights” could be “too little controversial.”

Gary Marcus, the scientist who sold the AI ​​startup Uber He is currently chairman of another company called Robust AI, telling CNBC that the most important breakthrough in AI in 2022 is likely to make the world unseen. rice field.

“The cycle from lab discovery to commercialization can take years,” he added, adding that the field of deep learning still has a long way to go. Deep learning is an area of ​​AI that seeks to mimic the activity of layers of neurons in the brain to learn how to recognize complex patterns of data.

Marcus believes that the most important challenge for AI today is “finding a good way to combine all of the world’s vast knowledge of science and technology with deep learning.” At this point, “deep learning can’t harness all that knowledge, instead it’s stuck over and over again trying to learn everything from scratch,” he said.

“This year the problem will evolve and eventually transform into what’s called a hybrid system, but it will take a few more years before we see a big dividend,” Marcus added. “You’ll probably see this year or next year as the first drug AI has played a key role in the discovery process.”

The next step in DeepMind

One of the biggest AI breakthroughs in the last few years came from Alphabet’s London-based laboratory, DeepMind.

The company has succeeded in creating AI software that can be accurate Predicting the structure in which proteins fold In a matter of days, we will solve the “magnificent challenge” of 50 years ago that can pave the way for a better understanding of illness and drug discovery.

Neil Lawrence, a professor of machine learning at the University of Cambridge, told CNBC that he hopes DeepMind will target larger scientific problems in 2022.

The language model (an AI system that can generate compelling texts, talk to humans, and answer questions) will also be improved in 2022.

The most well-known language model is OpenAI GPT-3 But DeepMind Said in december Its new “retro” language model can beat others 25 times its size.

Machine learning scientist Catherine Breslin, who worked for Amazon Alexa, believes Big Tech will compete for an ever-larger language model next year.

Breslin, who currently runs Kingfisher Labs, an AI consultancy, told CNBC that there is also a shift to a model that combines visual, audio, and language functions rather than treating them as separate tasks.

Air Street Capital Venture Capitalist and Annual Co-author Nathan Benaihi AI report status, CNBC told CNBC that new companies are likely to use language models to predict the most effective RNA (ribonucleic acid) sequences.

“Last year we witnessed the impact of RNA technology, many of which are new Covid vaccines built on this technology, ending the national blockade,” he said. I did. “I think we’ll see new AI-first RNA therapies this year. These new companies use language models to predict the most effective RNA sequences that target the disease of interest. Can dramatically reduce discovery time. New drugs and vaccines. “

Ethical concerns

While many advances may be imminent, there are major concerns about AI ethics. It is very discriminating and can be biased when trained on a particular dataset. AI systems are also used to power autonomous weapons and generate fake pornography.

Verena Rieser, a professor of conversational AI at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, told CNBC that in 2022 more emphasis will be placed on ethical issues regarding AI.

“I don’t know if AI can do a lot of’new’by the end of 2022, but hopefully it will work,” she said, which is fairer, less prejudiced, and more comprehensive. I added that it means that.

Independent AI researcher Samim Winniger, who worked for a Big Tech company, added that he believes there are revelations about the use of machine learning models in financial markets, spies, and healthcare.

“It will raise key questions about privacy, legality, ethics and economics,” he told CNBC.

How AI is set to evolve in 2022

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