Monday, December 6, 2021

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    House Democrats Pass Biden’s Extensive Buildback Better Policy Plan | House of Representatives

    House Democratic Party On Friday morning, the Buildback Better Act, a vast domestic policy package that promises to overhaul a large area of ​​the US economy, was passed.

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi triumphantly dropped her gavel to mark the passage, with enthusiastic applause from Democrats. Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy messed up his voting schedule on Thursday night, giving a record 8.5-hour speech overnight.

    After months of adaptation and initiation, gridlock and intra-party wars Democratic Party Leveraging the majority of their thin house, they passed the centerpiece of Joe Biden’s economic vision.

    The bill is now back in the US Senate, where Republican And, in its current form, a difficult battle between West Virginia’s Middle Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Cinema.

    At a press conference after the House passed a $ 1.75 trillion bill, Pelosi, who won, said:

    The president attends Walter Reed Hospital for regular health checks on Friday, the day before his 79th birthday, and calls the bill passing the House of Representatives a “big step” in formulating his economic plan. I was surprised.

    5 days ago he Signed bipartisan $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill Legislated by the White House, we are working to rebuild American roads and bridges and promote broadband Internet.

    His medical treatment requires a colonoscopy, which should go down easily anesthesia. As a result, he temporarily transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday morning, and the United States welcomed a woman for the first time as acting president during this process.

    The Build Back Better Act will provide hundreds of billions of dollars in new social programs and actions to mitigate the effects and exacerbations of the climate crisis.

    Outside the US Capitol, progressive leader and Democrat Plumira Jayapal said he was pleased with the overwhelming support, although he had not agreed on all the elements of the bill.

    She called the bill “a very strong vote to send to the Senate.”

    South Carolina Parliamentarian James Cliburn has shepherd to help black voters. Joe Biden About “Good Day” when he finally won the nomination, saw the White House, and appeared with Pelosi after Friday’s vote when he was struggling in the primary during the 2020 campaign talked.

    When all the Democratic votes were counted, the House of Representatives was applauded, signaling that the bill had been passed, and chanting: Better buildback! “

    “The Build Back Better Act has been passed,” Pelosi announced a few minutes later, “Nancy! Nancy! Nancy!”

    Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has shown that he wants the bill to pass the Senate, return to the House of Representatives, and stand at the president’s desk by Christmas for signatures. At Capitol Hill in December.

    Huge bills use the settlement process for budget-related legislation. This means that a simple majority, rather than a 60-vote threshold, could be passed by the Senate. That is, Democrats can see it through Congress if they support it.

    Regarding climate change behavior, Pelosi said:

    This package is ambitious. It dramatically reduces childcare costs, provides a universal kindergarten for children, lowers prescription drug costs for the elderly, expands Medicare to cover hearing aids, and documents for millions of people. The aim is to extend work licenses and provide the greatest to non-personalized immigrants-investment in efforts to combat the climate crisis.

    The house version of the bill also includes four weeks of paid family and medical leave, despite facing opposition from Manchin.

    House Democrats Pass Biden’s Extensive Buildback Better Policy Plan | House of Representatives

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