Hong Kong university hires US law firm to seek Tiananmen statue’s removal


A Hong Kong university trying to remove the Tiananmen Square monument from its campus has hired US law firm Mayer Brown.

The so-called “pillar of shame” by Danish artist Jensgarskio has been standing at the University of Hong Kong since 1997. At the annual ceremony, democratization activists wash the statue to commemorate a local event. June 4, 1989.

Authorities have moved to wipe out the Tiananmen Square incident since the introduction of a radical national security law that reshaped the city’s former bohemian political situation last year. The government has denounced pandemic measures and banned the annual mass monument in Victoria Park for the second consecutive year.

Mayor Brown has an office in Hong Kong, and on Thursday the company wrote to a Hong Kong organization involved in the placement of the Tiananmen monument in the city on behalf of the university and was considered responsible for the statue, next Wednesday. Requested removal by. The letter was released publicly on Friday.

Former member of the organization, Richard Tsoi, a Hong Kong alliance supporting China’s patriotic democratic movement, responded in a letter to the university protesting the threatened removal of the statue.

Mayer Brown has approximately 200 lawyers worldwide and is headquartered in Chicago.

“As a former U.S. company lawyer, I’m surprised that this engagement went through the company’s review process,” said Samuel Bickett, a Hong Kong-based lawyer who subsequently criticized the local legal system. .. Prosecution Over a quarrel with a masked police officer in 2019.

The company did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Some lawyers argue that once they start choosing a client, all participants in the system deserve a representative and thus undermine the rule of law.

Concerns about the introduction of a new educational curriculum and the vague expression of the new National Security Act have brought calm to academia, and instructors will be reported to the new National Security Hotline if they say something politically wrong. I’m afraid that it may happen.

In recent months, student unions, including the University of Hong Kong, have disbanded. Student groups played a key role in the 2019 anti-government movement, triggering Beijing to move closer to cities along the mainland.

Hong Kong university hires US law firm to seek Tiananmen statue’s removal Source link Hong Kong university hires US law firm to seek Tiananmen statue’s removal

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