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    High effectiveness of mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccines

    Figure 1. Cumulative incidence and 95% confidence interval for symptomatic Covid-19 infection in individuals and corresponding controls given a heterologous ChAdOx1nCoV-19 / BNT162b2 schedule. Credit: DOI: 10.1016 / j.lanepe.2021.100249

    Those who received the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and the second dose of the mRNA vaccine had a lower risk of infection than those who received both the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. This is shown in a national study conducted by researchers at Umeå University in Sweden.

    “Receiving one of the approved vaccines is better than not. vaccinationPeter Nordström, a professor of geriatrics at Umeå University, said: “But our study shows that the risk to those who receive the mRNA vaccine after the initial vector-based dose is significantly reduced. Both doses received the vector-based vaccine. Compared to people. “

    The use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vector-based vaccine for COVID-19 was discontinued for people under the age of 65, so all individuals who had already received the first dose of this vaccine were given the mRNA vaccine as the second dose. Was recommended.

    During an average follow-up of 2.5 months after the second dose, the study showed that the Oxford-AstraZeneca + Pfizer-BioNTech combination had a 67% lower risk of infection, or 79%. Low risk For Oxford / AstraZeneca + Moderna, both compared to unvaccinated individuals. For those who received the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine twice, the risk reduction was 50%. These risk estimates were observed after considering differences in vaccination dates, age of participants, socioeconomic status, and other risk factors for COVID-19. Importantly, the effectiveness estimate is Infected person (number During the follow-up period. The incidence of thromboembolic adverse events was very low on all vaccination schedules. The number of COVID-19 cases severe enough to result in hospitalization was too small for researchers to calculate their effectiveness for this result.

    Previous studies have shown that a combination vaccine schedule produces a strong immune response. However, it is unclear how much these schedules can reduce. dangerous Of clinical infections. This is a knowledge gap aimed at filling new research conducted by Umeå researchers. This survey is based on national registration data from the Swedish Public Health Agency, the Social Agency, and the Statistics Sweden. The main analysis included about 700,000 individuals.

    “The results of this study can influence vaccination strategies in different countries,” said Marcel Ballin, a PhD student in geriatrics at Umeå University and co-author of the study. “The World Health Organization needs larger studies to investigate its safety and efficacy against clinical outcomes, despite promising results from previous studies on the immune response of mixed-and-match vaccination. There is one such study here. ”

    Canada: Pfizer, Moderna prefers second dose following AstraZeneca

    For more information:
    Peter Nordströmetal, Efficacy of Heterologous ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and mRNA Prime Boost Vaccination against Symptomatic Covid-19 Infection in Sweden: National Cohort Study, Lancet Regional Health-Europe (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.lanepe.2021.100249

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    Quote: Https: // and Match COVID-19 Vaccine Obtained on October 18, 2021 (October 2021) 18th) Highly effective vaccine.html

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    High effectiveness of mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccines Source link High effectiveness of mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccines

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